Writing Kindle Ebooks Part 5 – Editing is Essential!

Previously in the series, “Writing Kindle eBooks,” we discussed writing your Kindle eBook content. If you’ve written your book already, you’re probably breathing a big sigh of relief. Congratulations on your accomplishment! However, writing the content isn’t the end of your journey. A few more steps must be taken before you’re ready to publish the finished product. Now you’re ready to move on to the editing step.

Why is Editing So Important?

Why should you edit your eBook? It’s a common question and an important one. The main reason that editing is essential when writing Kindle eBooks is that you want to make your book the best it can possibly be.

While it may be tempting to skip the editing process when you write Kindle books, a book that hasn’t been properly edited will lack professionalism. The book you publish reflects you and your business, which means it’s essential to ensure your book is free from simple grammatical and spelling errors. Editing also includes ensuring that the book is direct, easy to understand and on topic.

Failing to edit your Kindle eBook will make it difficult for you to make money. In fact, a poorly written book could end up damaging your reputation instead of building a good reputation. Even if you’re a great writer, editing is essential if you want readers to take your work seriously.

Helpful Self-Editing Tips

Now that you’re aware of how important the editing process is, you may be wondering where to begin. Here are some helpful Kindle book editing tips you can use to ensure you publish a professional and valuable eBook.

–          Tip #1 – Take a Break Before You Start Editing – One of the most important Kindle book editing tips is to take a break before you start editing. Simply waiting a couple days to start the editing process will make it easier for you to find any errors. This gives you a bit of distance from the content you’ve just written so you can do the best editing job possible.

–          Tip #2 – Reread the Entire eBook – When you’re ready to start editing, start by rereading the entire eBook. This will give you a good overall look at the content you’ve written. Mark any problem areas when you do a read-through so you can go back to them.

–          Tip #3 – Check for Spelling and Grammar – Most word processing programs have spell check. Make sure you use it. Some programs have grammar checks that can be useful as well. However, don’t expect grammar check to catch every problem. It will take some closer reading on your part to ensure you don’t miss any grammatical errors.

–          Tip #4 – Edit Out Areas That are Off-Topic – Another of the helpful Kindle book editing tips is to edit out any areas that are off-topic. You’ve already decided on the topic and goal of your book. When you stray from the topic, irrelevant content should be eliminated.

–          Tip #5 – Avoid Wordiness – Many people find it difficult to keep their content succinct. Since you’re writing to digital readers, it’s important to get to the point as quickly as possible. This means you need to tighten up your writing and eliminate extraneous text.

–          Tip #6 – Ensure Important Points are Thoroughly Explained – While you need to avoid being wordy and text that is off-topic, you also need to ensure that important points are explained thoroughly. Don’t leave your reader to wonder what you’re talking about.

–          Tip #7 – Check for Good Flow – Last, you must check for good flow throughout the eBook. Any choppy areas should be edited. The book should flow seamlessly from one point to another.

Should You Hire Professional to Proofread and Edit Your eBook?

After writing Kindle eBooks, you may be wondering if you should try proofreading and editing your book on your own. The previous tips can definitely help you accomplish the editing step on your own. However, many people do feel it’s helpful to have someone else help with the proofreading and editing process.

When you’ve invested all that time and effort to write Kindle books, it’s often difficult to distance yourself from the writing so you can find any errors or rough spots. A good editor can offer an unbiased look at the book, making a professional editor a great investment, especially if you’re unsure of your editing and proofreading skills.

Editing is definitely an essential step if you’re writing Kindle eBooks. Don’t make the mistake of publishing an eBook of poor quality.

Keep in mind that hiring Kindle book ghost writers from Need-An-Article is a great option and NAA even offers a proofreading service you can use if you decide to write the book yourself. Stay tuned next week for Part 6 of this series. We’ll be taking a closer look at formatting Kindle eBooks.

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  1. True. I believe that the first thing a self-published book needs is a professional edit. Because it will make the book stronger, tighter and better. If it´s better, readers will like it, and when they like it they will recommend it to more readers.

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