Writing Kindle Ebooks Part 1: The Benefits of Publishing Kindle eBooks

With the popularity of e-Readers like the Kindle, eBooks have taken off in popularity. More than likely, you’ve read a few eBooks yourself on your computer or your own e-reader. Have you ever considered publishing your own Kindle eBooks? Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur or online marketer, publishing an eBook of your own can offer great benefits. Here are a few of the top benefits you need to consider.

Benefit #1 – Prove Your Authority Online

You probably already know that proving your authority online is important if you want to achieve any kind of online success. What you may not know is that publishing Kindle eBooks offers you the ability to improve your authority online in an incredible way. If you create a quality book that fits your target audience, you can start spreading your ideas and your name across the web.

Benefit #2 – eReaders are More Popular than Ever

Studies released by PewResearch.org show that eReaders are more popular than ever. From December of 2011 to January 2011, the survey showed that ownership of eReaders increased from 10% among adults to 19% among adults. This doesn’t even include the people who are using an iPad or smartphone to read eBooks. The same study also showed that adults who own these devices are reading more books than adults who do not. As eBook readers continue to grow in popularity, it opens a huge market that you can take advantage of.

Benefit #3 – Take Advantage of Amazon’s Power

Amazon.com has millions of visitors and buyers. The site is powerful and their Kindle system is well known and often used. Publishing your own Kindle eBooks allows you to take advantage of the power Amazon has on the web. You’ll also be able to benefit from the fact that millions of people already have the Kindle device , so writing eBooks for Kindle will allow you to put your book right at their fingertips. Many phones have Kindle Apps on them and Amazon even has a free reader that can be downloaded to computers to make it easy for PC users to access and read their eBooks as well.

Benefit #4 – Save Money, Make Money

Publishing your own eBook on Amazon offers you the benefits of both saving and making money. You’ll save money, since Amazon doesn’t charge setup costs and you aren’t required to have an ISBN number for your book. A couple of different options are available to you when you upload your book to Amazon (which will be discussed in a later post), but both options allow you to make some money from your eBook.

Whether you want to build a platform or fortify a platform that you already have in place, publishing a Kindle eBook has many benefits to offer. Publishing can provide you with limitless opportunities to expand and grow your business while building good relationships with the audience you want to reach.

Now that you understand a few of the benefits publishing your own eBook has to offer, stay tuned to find out how to get started. Next week you’ll learn more in part two of this series.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. The bottom line is that ebooks are taking off. I think that this is the future, and will be more so especially when people need to look for things that they can get an answer to immediately. Many people buy ebooks everyday, even though the economy is bad. So you should know that there is money to be spent on your ebook also.

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