Ready Your Website for Pinterest Marketing

In our previous post on Pinterest marketing, we offered some tips to get you started with marketing on Pinterest. Hopefully you’re using these tips to get started with your latest marketing campaign.

As you start this campaign, it’s essential to take a look at your website to ensure it’s ready to make the most of all that Pinterest has to offer. After all, your aim is to use Pinterest as a marketing tool, so you’ll need to spend some time making your website Pinterest-friendly.

Photography for Creating Interesting Images

Pinterest is all about visual content and since you want your images to stand out from among the thousands on the site, it’s important to focus on taking photographs that make for interesting images. Photos on your website need to be large, engaging and interesting enough to stand out in a sea of excellent images. Make sure your images are of interesting subject matter, in focus, with good contrast and large enough to see the subjects clearly. Shoddy images don’t do well on Pinterest or encourage strong visual engagement with other users.

Test Your Website with the “Pin It” Bookmark Button

Your website probably already includes quite a few images. To ensure your website is ready for Pinterest, conduct a few tests with the “Pin It” bookmark button, which is available free on the Pinterest Goodies Page. This button adds a bookmark to the bookmark bar and enables you to pin content from multiple sources.

Once you have installed the “Pin It” bookmark button, test it to ensure you have a Pinterest-friendly site. Go through the pages on your website, clicking on the “Pin It” button to see what images it detects. If images are shown, you have pinnable content on your website. However, if no images are shown, a dialogue box comes up telling you that no large videos or images are found on the page. You’ll then know you’ve got some work to do.

Understanding What Cannot Be Pinned

If you find that your website pages have no, or only a limited number of images that can be pinned, you need to understand what can’t be pinned.

  • CSS background images are not pinnable. Data needed for pinning is hidden when CSS background images are used.The technology searches websites for graphic file extensions, such as .gif, .png or .jpg. If this information is not available, you won’t be able to pin images from your webpages.
  • Flash modules and sites are excellent for engaging people, however, they aren’t pinnable. Keep this in mind if you have lots of Flash on your website.

Incorporating the “Pin It” and “Follow” Buttons

To be ready for Pinterest marketing, you need to make it really easy for visitors to your site to pin items from your website. For this reason, incorporating the “Pin It” and “Follow” buttons on your site is essential. Both buttons are available on the Pinterest Goodies Page.

The “Pin It” button enables visitors to quickly pin items from your website. With the “Follow” button, you can advertise that you have a Pinterest presence and encourage visitors to follow you.

Pinterest has lots to offer marketers, and a Pinterest-friendly website will improve your chances of success. Use these tips to update your website so you can take advantage of all your marketing options.

Check back soon because next time we’ll focus on how to increase your followers. Don’t miss this post, as we’ll be showing you some great insider secrets!

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