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  • 6 Powerful and Ethical Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

    Whether you have an ecommerce or a content-based website, traffic is the most important factor for the success of your online business. Having a loyal audience that keeps on growing will provide  monetization possibilities for your website.

    When it comes to increasing website traffic, you can try various strategies. Some of these are ethical, others tend to deliver quick results but could be potentially harmful in the long term.

    The following six tips will help you increase your website’s traffic without affecting your chances of good search engine positioning and without having to cope with penalties.

    People visit websites that offer high quality, well-written and specialized content. Having a good content strategy is the heart and soul of building successful online presence.

    Make sure that your articles deliver unique information. Avoid topics that have been overly spoken about. Instead of going mainstream, look for a sub-niche that will allow good website positioning.

    Create a schedule and try to add new content to your website several times per week. Fresh articles will improve your search engine positioning and keep your loyal audience coming back for more.

    Build Your Social Media Presence

    Social networks are a great promotional channel and if you are still failing to take social media marketing seriously, you should change your attitude immediately. It affects optimization, it drives targeted traffic to your website and it helps build relationships with readers, prospects and customers.

    Make use of different channels. Share content from your website, answer questions and use the feedback you get to make your content better. Your audience can provide a lot of useful information, if you know how to interact and how to ask the right questions.

    Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Pages

    Let your audience do promotion instead of you. Adding social sharing buttons right next to your content is a simple and efficient traffic maximization trick.

    You need great content to make the most of this strategy. People will be willing to share information about the articles that they enjoyed reading or they found to be particularly useful.

    The Good, Old Newsletter

    Some traditional internet marketing strategies can still deliver amazing results, if used correctly. Email newsletters are one such possibility.

    Sending newsletters to your readers can “remind” them to visit the website and explore the newest content. Being successful with this internet marketing strategy, however, demands both thought and careful planning.

    A newsletter should offer the reader something of value. Provide unique and interesting information in exchange for the personal data that people are sharing with you. There could be exclusive texts that appear solely in the newsletter or special offers, if you are promoting a corporate or an ecommerce website. Including solely links to articles that are readily available on your website will discourage people from subscribing.

    Add Multimedia to Your Pages

    Videos and slideshows can be added alongside your texts to increase your website’s traffic.

    Interesting and high quality multimedia is often much more intriguing than texts. Multimedia can also be incorporated easily in your social media marketing strategy. Having large slideshows will also generate more page views than a single article.

    Just like with all other traffic generation strategies, quality matters. All the photographs and the videos should be meaningful and shot professionally.

    Contests are Great for Building Your Audience

    A contest with even a small prize for the winner can result in an incredible traffic boost.

    You can use contests to make people comment on your website, rate their favorite articles or upload some of their own content. The fact that they are competing against other visitors will make the participants in the contest come back to your website time and time again.

    A good traffic maximization strategy relies on multiple tools. Think about your long term goals. You will have to work hard and the results will be evident after some period of time.

    Managing your content and your internet marketing successfully will deliver consistent benefits that you will get to enjoy for years to come.

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  • Facebook Marketing – Reasons to Use Facebook Cautiously

    Using Facebook

    Even though Facebook started as a simple dorm-room experiment, it has quickly grown into one of the top social networking sites and one of the best options for social media marketing. Although social media is important in any marketing campaign, it’s also very important to investigate Facebook further before jumping headfirst into a marketing campaign.

    Previously, we discussed some of the top benefits Facebook has to offer marketers, however, there are some reasons to proceed with caution. The following are some reasons why you should go cautiously when considering using Facebook as a part of your marketing strategy.

    Reason #1 – Facebook Can Disable Accounts

    Caution is recommended because Facebook has the power to disable accounts. In fact, your account could be disabled with no warning nor explanation if they feel page activity is “suspicious” or complaints are received about you. While you can request that your account be re-established, you may never get it back and they are not obliged to give you any reasons.

    Reason #2 – Features Change Regularly

    Facebook often changes the rules and these changes could seriously impact how you can use the website and how it benefits (or not) your company. When the layout, setup or other features change, you will simply have to deal the changes. This requires quite a bit of adaptability since you’ll have to learn how to use their new features as quickly as Facebook throws them at you, whether you like them or not.

    Reason #3 – No Protection for Your Content

    When you put content on Facebook, there is no protection for it. If you lose your account that content is gone.

    If there is a problem or glitch on Facebook that results in the loss of your content, there is no way to retrieve it, which means you stand to lose all the time, effort and money you’ve put into your marketing campaign. Consequently, it is critical that you back-up your content regularly and avoid building your entire social media campaign around Facebook alone.

    Reason #4 – Continuous Changes to the Fine Print

    If you’ve had any interaction with Facebook so far, you may have noticed that there are continuous changes to their “fine print”. They can change their code of conduct, their policies, their terms of service and privacy statements whenever they want to. While you may think your rights and privacy are X when you start your campaign, those rights can arbitrarily change.

    Facebook marketing has lots to offer, but approach this particular social media marketing opportunity with caution. As you think about creating your marketing campaign with Facebook, do so with these potential pitfalls in mind. And, it’s vital to diversify your marketing investment across other social networking sites.

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