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  • How To Make Your e-Mail Marketing Campaigns More Effective

    The email marketing campaign is one of the traditional online promo tools that still deliver great results.

    To figure out whether you are reaching your target audience and accomplishing your marketing goals, you will have to learn more about measuring the effectiveness of email marketing.

    Return of investment (ROI) is one of the most important factors in the world of internet marketing. ROI is measured by comparing the investment in marketing to the revenue generated through the campaign.

    Here are some suggestions you can use to assess your campaign and introduce changes, in case such are needed.

    Email Marketing Campaign Goals

    To assess the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign, you need to come up with a list of promo goals in advance. Through the use of email marketing, you can accomplish one or more of the following goals:

    • Increase traffic to your website
    • Gain new subscribers
    • Increase the number of ecommerce sales
    • Increase event attendance
    • Increase brand recognition
    • Generate email orders
    • Lower your marketing costs
    • Increase repeat business
    • Stay ahead of the competition

    Being very precise about email marketing goals will provide you with the framework necessary to evaluate ROI and the outcome of your campaign.

    The Most Important Email Marketing Metrics

    To evaluate the success of your email marketing campaign, you will have to track a range of metrics. Here are the most important ones for assessing the ROI of your campaign:

    • Delivery rate – number of emails delivered to inboxes
    • Email open rate
    • Click-through rate
    • Subscriber’s list growth rate
    • Email sharing and forwarding rate
    • Bounce rate
    • Unsubscribe rate

    Click-Through Rate

    The click-through rate or CTR is an important measure of email marketing success. The CTR represents the number of people who followed a link included in your newsletter or promo mail message and visited your website.

    According to a 2013 Silverpop report, the median CTR of email newsletters across industries is 2.3 percent. Some industries and companies see a much higher success rate and the CTR reaches up to 12 percent. A poor score can be the result of several key mistakes:

    • Sending too many mails or newsletters on a weekly basis
    • A poorly written subject line
    • The lack of interesting content
    • The lack of a clear call to action
    • The lack of unique offers/product previews in the newsletter

    Number of New Subscribers

    The number of new subscribers you get on a weekly basis is also indicative of email newsletter effectiveness.

    The number of new subscribers is known as list growth rate and it is indicative of the campaign’s “healthiness.” Building a large subscriber list will increase your rich and ultimately – bring up the ROI of the campaign. If the number remains small, you are probably targeting the wrong audience or your call to action is to blame.

    A Few Additional Tips and Suggestions

    Keep on analyzing the results of your email marketing campaign. Try to understand what works and what seems to be leaving the audience indifferent. Seeing where your leads are coming from will enable you to assess the performance of each marketing channel.

    The audience should be given options to unsubscribe from the newsletters. You can have a brief survey, asking people about the reason for their decision. Knowing why people lose interest will help you make the newsletter more appealing.

    You have an opportunity to make changes on the go, which is a tremendous online marketing benefit. Customizing the content and the manner in which you get subscribers can quickly bring up your email marketing ROI.

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  • 6 Powerful and Ethical Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

    Whether you have an ecommerce or a content-based website, traffic is the most important factor for the success of your online business. Having a loyal audience that keeps on growing will provide  monetization possibilities for your website.

    When it comes to increasing website traffic, you can try various strategies. Some of these are ethical, others tend to deliver quick results but could be potentially harmful in the long term.

    The following six tips will help you increase your website’s traffic without affecting your chances of good search engine positioning and without having to cope with penalties.

    People visit websites that offer high quality, well-written and specialized content. Having a good content strategy is the heart and soul of building successful online presence.

    Make sure that your articles deliver unique information. Avoid topics that have been overly spoken about. Instead of going mainstream, look for a sub-niche that will allow good website positioning.

    Create a schedule and try to add new content to your website several times per week. Fresh articles will improve your search engine positioning and keep your loyal audience coming back for more.

    Build Your Social Media Presence

    Social networks are a great promotional channel and if you are still failing to take social media marketing seriously, you should change your attitude immediately. It affects optimization, it drives targeted traffic to your website and it helps build relationships with readers, prospects and customers.

    Make use of different channels. Share content from your website, answer questions and use the feedback you get to make your content better. Your audience can provide a lot of useful information, if you know how to interact and how to ask the right questions.

    Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Pages

    Let your audience do promotion instead of you. Adding social sharing buttons right next to your content is a simple and efficient traffic maximization trick.

    You need great content to make the most of this strategy. People will be willing to share information about the articles that they enjoyed reading or they found to be particularly useful.

    The Good, Old Newsletter

    Some traditional internet marketing strategies can still deliver amazing results, if used correctly. Email newsletters are one such possibility.

    Sending newsletters to your readers can “remind” them to visit the website and explore the newest content. Being successful with this internet marketing strategy, however, demands both thought and careful planning.

    A newsletter should offer the reader something of value. Provide unique and interesting information in exchange for the personal data that people are sharing with you. There could be exclusive texts that appear solely in the newsletter or special offers, if you are promoting a corporate or an ecommerce website. Including solely links to articles that are readily available on your website will discourage people from subscribing.

    Add Multimedia to Your Pages

    Videos and slideshows can be added alongside your texts to increase your website’s traffic.

    Interesting and high quality multimedia is often much more intriguing than texts. Multimedia can also be incorporated easily in your social media marketing strategy. Having large slideshows will also generate more page views than a single article.

    Just like with all other traffic generation strategies, quality matters. All the photographs and the videos should be meaningful and shot professionally.

    Contests are Great for Building Your Audience

    A contest with even a small prize for the winner can result in an incredible traffic boost.

    You can use contests to make people comment on your website, rate their favorite articles or upload some of their own content. The fact that they are competing against other visitors will make the participants in the contest come back to your website time and time again.

    A good traffic maximization strategy relies on multiple tools. Think about your long term goals. You will have to work hard and the results will be evident after some period of time.

    Managing your content and your internet marketing successfully will deliver consistent benefits that you will get to enjoy for years to come.

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