Struggling to Make Money from Your Site?

Website Assassins Could be the Problem!

Do you have the latest and greatest gadget? Did you take the time to build the better mousetrap, sure that the masses would indeed come? Perhaps you have put together a beautiful website that is easy to navigate and offers a much-needed product or service and still your website is barely turning a profit. Did you know there are some surefire website assassins out there that will practically guarantee visitors will turn away in droves? Even if you have hired all of your web design and content creation out to “professionals,” these are things you must watch for.


It would seem to go without saying that a professional website should contain proper spelling. The problem is many times a writer does not speak English as a first language or they are simply to lazy to employ spell check.  It might seem like nitpicking, but if you expect people to trust you with their hard-earned money, proper spelling and grammar usage is imperative. Remember, building a customer base is not all about the product or service you offer, it is about trust.

Broken Links

How many times have you visited a site and followed a broken link? This is where you click on a link and get the dreaded “error” or “sorry this page cannot be found”. Let me ask you one question, do you return to that website often if ever? A broken link here or there might be forgiven if you have a killer website, but if it happens often, your visitors will leave, never to return or spend a dime! Check your links periodically to ensure this website assassin does not strike your business.

Poor Design

Creating a website is not rocket science; however, it is not a simple color by number project either. A good website will be:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Simple to Navigate
  • Appropriately Professional

Does this mean a website cannot be fun? Of course not, but you should let the subject of the site guide color choice, graphics and basic layout. For example, a website promoting party balloons would look fantastic with bright neon colors and fun graphics; on the other hand, a professional housing contractor should probably use more sedate color choices. If your site looks like it was designed by a ten year old, your traffic is not going to convert well!

Final Thoughts

As you can probably guess, this is not a comprehensive analysis of everything that can go wrong with a website. In order to be successful and better yet, profitable, you need search engine optimization (SEO), promotion, links and backlinks as well as a host of other components. However, if you feel you have all of the above and more but you are still lacking traffic or conversions, it could be anyone of the problems listed above. The moral of this story? Use professionals to create your website and then check their work periodically!

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