Getting Started with Pinterest Marketing, Part 2

In a previous post, “Getting Started with Pinterest Marketing, Part 1,” we talked about getting started with your Pinterest marketing campaign. We’ve already covered creating your account, setting up your business profile and the importance of a good profile picture. Let’s go onto the next steps in the process.

Tip #4 – Get Connected

Now that you have your account basics set up, it’s time to get connected. Pinterest is unique because it allows users to easily connect with other social networks. Do you have a Twitter or Facebook account? If so, you can connect these to your Pinterest account. You can enter other social network information on your profile and have the option of signing in using your social network accounts. Once you provide this information, your profile will include an icon linking to all the other social network accounts you have.

Why is this connection important? It enables you to maximize your Pinterest marketing options. Once connected, you can have pins automatically posted on other social network accounts, so every time you pin something, you’ll be posting across multiple social networks, getting the most exposure possible.

Tip #5 – Ensure You Have the Right Tools

It’s difficult to succeed without the correct tools. Several free tools are available that will improve your success.

First, make sure the “pin it” button is installed to your Internet browser. This button easily integrates with any browser, enabling you to pin items to your account from any website you visit. It’s easy to link content to the source website and it makes curating content easier.

Another great tool are the Pinterest apps. Users can get the Pinterest iPhone app and one is available for Android users as well. This enables you to post to your account when you’re on the go. You can pin pictures, including the location, from your iPhone or other SmartPhone.

Tip #6 – Creating Pinboards

Now you’re ready to create pinboards. Start by creating 3-4 pinboards and add good pins to each board. This should be done before you really begin pushing your Pinterest marketing campaign.

Consider creating boards about your company’s services or products, boards that offer tips and information work well. Fun boards can be entertaining while showing what your business does. Remember, to keep boards from being too promotional, so focus on creating boards that include unique content and creative themes.

Tip #7 – Get the Word Out

Now that you’ve begun your Pinterest marketing, get the word out. Start spreading the word with the social networks you’re already using. Pinterest users enjoy finding out about new companies that are on Pinterest.

Both Facebook and Twitter can be used to tell followers that they can now find you on Pinterest. Getting the word out should bring you some followers, which is essential as you proceed with your marketing.

For the best results with your new campaign, you’ll need to focus on ensuring that your website is set up to maximize your marketing results. Next time we’ll be focusing on helpful ideas that you can use to get your website ready and to make the most of what Pinterest has to offer.

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