Pinterest Marketing – Secrets for Attracting Followers, Part 2

In the last Pinterest marketing blog post, we discussed how you can attract more Pinterest followers to help maximize your marketing efforts.

Using the “Follow Me” button, connecting with other social media sites, following others and inviting friends are a few ways to build your follower numbers. To help attract even more followers, try using these tips, they’ll enable you increase their numbers while boosting the success of your whole marketing campaign.

Secret #5 – Use the “Comment” and “Like” Features

Pinterest enables you to comment on the pins of other users. A “like” feature is also available. One of the best ways to build your list of followers is to interact with other users, which can be done by using the “comment” and “like” features. Keeping active within the community is essential and using these features keeps you engaged with other users.

As you comment or like others, they’re more likely to follow you. Adding comments to popular accounts will get you greater exposure, and quite possibly bring more visitors to your pinboard. Be sure that comments are relevant to each pin for overall best results.

Secret #6 – Post Engaging Content

Posting engaging content is another marketing tactic that will help attract followers. While this may seem obvious, pay attention to the content you post so you pull in those new followers.

Pinterest is all about images and people want to see quality, eye-catching images, so make sure your content is visually attractive. Also, your content needs to grab the viewers’ attention. Low quality images won’t give you the results you want.

Post your own content. While others’ content is fine, make sure lots of your pins are original content. Pinterest users enjoy seeing great re-pins, but they love seeing new things too.

Secret #7 – Post Regularly

You need to post regularly to attract Pinterest followers. Most users don’t want to follow others who have old or stale boards. Users love following people who add new content often. Posting every couple of days let’s other users know that you are active, creative and interesting which makes them more likely to follow you.

You do, however, need to avoid going overboard. Spamming users with pins relating to your products or services is a big mistake. Pin too much and the followers you have will get bored or frustrated and will stop following you.

Secret #8 – Make Boards and Pins Easily Searchable

Pinterest offers a search feature enabling users to search through the pins and boards by keywords, so it’s important to ensure that your boards and pins are easily found.

Users searching for specific content may find your pins or boards, then choose to follow you as well. However, for them to find your pins and boards, you’ll need to add the relevant keywords to pin descriptions. Board names that include keywords help your boards get found by users within Pinterest and search engines outside the website.

Building a number of followers is an essential step in your marketing campaign. By using these tips to attract more followers you’ll boost your marketing success.

Check back for our next Pinterest marketing blog. We’ll be discussing important search engine optimization tips you can’t afford to miss!

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