Pinterest Marketing – Top Benefits for Marketers Today

In the past post in our Pinterest Marketing series, we discussed the basics of Pinterest. After reading a few Pinterest statistics, it’s easy to see that this young website is catching the web by storm. While users are enjoying the excitement of visual social media, many marketers are beginning to cash in on this exploding website. In fact, using Pinterest offers many exciting benefits to marketers. Here’s a look at just a few of the top Pinterest marketing benefits to consider.

Benefit #1 – Drive More Traffic to Your Website

One of the most interesting marketing benefits Pinterest offers is the ability to drive more traffic to your website. Pinterest boasts more than ten million unique views, which is incredible, especially for a newer website. If you rely on your website for marketing and sales results, traffic is essential. Research is already showing that Pinterest is excellent for traffic generation. In fact, while it easily passes most social media sites, it’s even beating out social network heavy-hitter, Facebook, for many marketers today. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring that amount of potential traffic.

Benefit #2 – Convert Browsers Into Buyers

You already know that converting visitors into leads or sales is essential for marketing success. Pinterest marketing offers you the ability to convert browsers into buyers. In fact, it reduces the steps that come between discovery and conversion. Pinterest allows people to see something and quickly follow the path to buy it, since they are only a couple of clicks away from the ecommerce site offering the product or service. Other social media websites often fail to increase conversion rates so significantly, making Pinterest worthy of every marketer’s notice.

Benefit #3 – Engage with Customers

Engaging with customers is an imperative part of any marketing campaign. One of the Pinterest marketing benefits is that the website makes it so easy to connect and engage with customers. You can start engaging your customers by socializing with them, commenting on their pins or even creating boards that feature your customers. As your brand becomes more personable, you’ll encourage repeat business and increase your sales.

Benefit #4 – Easy to Integrate with Other Sites

Connectivity is a critical factor for social media marketing success. Pinterest makes it easy by integrating with other websites. You can connect it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, allowing you to make the most of every pin. Integrating these accounts allows pins to be shared on Facebook and Twitter too, increasing your overall marketing results. You can also integrate Pinterest with your website by adding the “Pin It” button, which is very similar to other available social media sharing buttons. This allows website or blog users to easily pin visual content from your site right to Pinterest.

Benefit #5 – Increase Inbound Links

Links back to your website help drive your marketing success. When starting a Pinterest marketing campaign, every single pin will include a link, which links to the image source. This allows you to start pinning images that link back to your website. Links can be included in pin descriptions as well, offering another way to increase inbound links.

Of course, Pinterest marketing offers many other excellent benefits as well. You can learn more about what your target audience wants, promote brand visibility and even improve your keyword techniques. Take some time to consider how these benefits can revolutionize your own marketing campaign.

Be sure to check back soon. Next time we’ll be discussing how to get started with Pinterest marketing. You won’t want to miss some essential tips that will make it easy for you to begin using Pinterest as a marketing tool.

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