Pinterest Marketing – Secrets for Attracting Followers, Part 1

Have you been working to build your Pinterest marketing campaign? If so, you have probably already learned the basics, set up your account and maybe even worked to get your website ready to gain the best Pinterest results. However, you may have noticed that you haven’t had many Pinterest followers yet.

Pinterest, much like Twitter, involves followers. The more followers you have, the more exposure you get. Lots of followers provide your marketing campaign with an active community that helps you take advantage of the many marketing benefits Pinterest offers. Without a significant number of followers, your Pinterest marketing efforts could fall flat.

Attracting followers isn’t difficult. With a bit of work, you can watch your follower numbers grow. To help you reach your goal, we’ve listed some helpful tips that you can use to attract followers to your account and pinboards.

An Important Note About Followers

Please note, followers have two options when they decide to follow you. First, users could choose to follow your account. This means that they’ll see all of your pins. The second option users have is to follow specific pinboards. When they follow a specific board, they’ll see only new pins on a specific board. Keep this in mind as you work on increasing your numbers.

Secret #1 – Use the “Follow Me” Button

One of the easiest things to do to get more followers is to put a “Follow Me” button on your website or blog, since adding this button lets visitors know that you are on Pinterest. The buttons are coded to link to your account, enabling visitors to your blog or website to quickly connect with you on Pinterest. Do take advantage of this button!

Secret #2 – Connect with Other Social Media Websites

Another top tip for building your list of followers is to connect your Pinterest account with other social media websites. Pinterest makes it easy to connect with Facebook and Twitter. If you have these other accounts, get them connected to expand the reach of your marketing campaign. Connecting these accounts enables you to easily pin to Facebook and Twitter and bring in followers from your other social media accounts.

Secret #3 – Follow Other People

For more followers, follow other people on Pinterest. This trick really pays off. Many people will come back and follow those people who follow them. You can take advantage of that user’s network, thereby helping you to increase the size of your own network. For the best results when you follow other people, follow other pinners who have shared subjects and interests.

Secret #4 – Invite Friends

Many people new to Pinterest marketing forget the obvious – inviting their own friends. More than likely you already know a lot of people who may or may not be on Pinterest so invite friends, family members and acquaintances. It’s easy to invite these people from Pinterest via Yahoo, Gmail, other email accounts, even Facebook, there by adding them to your list of followers.

Use these tips as part of your marketing campaign and be sure to check back soon. In Part 2 of this post, you’ll find even more tips that will help build your list of Pinterest followers. Don’t miss out!

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