Pinterest Marketing and Search Engine Optimization – More Strategies

Last time, we discussed search engine optimization and how it can boost your Pinterest marketing results. If you’ve been pinning away without giving any thought to the search engines, you may be missing out on some of the benefits offered by Pinterest.

Some of the Pinterest SEO strategies mentioned in the last post included:
• ensuring that your pinboards are visible to Google
• using keywords in image tags
• optimizing your profile.
Hopefully you’ve started using these tactics and to further broaden your opportunities, here are a few more so you can focus on your search engine optimization for Pinterest.

Strategy #4 – Use Keywords in Pinboard Names

Creating an array of pinboards is an important part of your marketing efforts. It’s important to focus on keywords when creating these boards because it makes it easier for people and search engines to find your boards. You do need to make sure your keywords are relevant.

If you’ve already created names for your boards and you want to change them, editing them to make use of important keywords is easy.

Strategy #5 – Write Optimized Pin Descriptions

Another SEO tactic that will help is to write optimized pin descriptions. Pinterest allows you to use 500 characters for your pin description. Take advantage of this by using all of these characters and writing descriptions that have optimized keywords.

If you’ve pinned or re-pinned images and didn’t use keywords in your description, you can go back and edit them and add the keywords. This is one of those tactics not to miss out on since it’s the pin descriptions that search engines use to list pins in search results outside of the Pinterest website.

Strategy #6 – Add Links to the Description

Every pin links back to the site it was pinned from. However, this link is considered a “no follow” link and is not given any ranking weight by search engines.

The good news is that you can add a link back to your website in the pin description. Links included in your description are “do follow”. Google can follow these links and this will give your URL weight. While you want to avoid making your descriptions look spammy, adding a link from time to time can give excellent SEO results.

Strategy #7 – Remember – Spam Hurts Only You

Spamming is always something to avoid, whether you’re working on SEO for your website or your Pinterest account. Appearing like an advertiser and spamming with your Pinterest account is definitely going to hurt your marketing efforts. You’re dealing with a social media platform, so don’t have your pins look like spam.

Get involved in the conversation by liking, commenting and re-pinning the content of other Pinterest users. Don’t overlook the importance of good SEO on Pinterest. Pins are now regularly showing up in search engine results.

Using good SEO tactics as a part of your Pinterest marketing campaign can ensure your pins perform well on both the Pinterest website and in the results search engines give.

Check back soon – in the next Pinterest marketing post, we’ll discuss what makes a good pin. It’s packed with helpful tips that you won’t want to miss!

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2 thoughts on “Pinterest Marketing and Search Engine Optimization – More Strategies

  1. I recently noticed in my Google Webmaster Tools metrics that I received a backlink for one of my sites. Turns out, someone months ago had pinned one of my images. This has me thinking about using Pinterest to achieve backlinks and attract traffic.

    1. Interesting incites David, I love looking at our analytics too and finding links or referrals that we didn’t even target or even know existed. Pinterest is rising to the top as on of the traffic sources us website owners need to start targeting, which means I need to get more images on this blog!

      Side-note, I noticed on your website the header image, is that Multnomah Falls? I have been there and on that bridge when I was living in Vancouver Washington.

      Need An Article™

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