Pinterest Marketing – Important Tips on Etiquette

As you work to build a solid Pinterest marketing campaign, you’ll definitely want to avoid making big social blunders on the site. Pinterest lists etiquette tips, but as this social media site continues to expand, new Pinterest etiquette tips are continually emerging.

Here are a few etiquette tips every Pinterest marketer should follow. Using these tips will ensure you make the most of the marketing opportunities while avoiding blunders that could quickly chase followers away.

Tip #1 – Credit the Source

One extremely important tip is to credit your source whenever you pin something that you haven’t created.

While you’ll be pinning your own content as a part of your Pinterest marketing campaign, you’ll also need to pin content from other sources. The photographer, designer, author, company or other individual should get credit for whatever they have created, be it an image, text, etc.

You’ll want to get the credit for the things you’ve created and pinned from your website, so do the same for others. Also, if a website blocks visitors from pinning their images or content, respect that.

Tip #2 – Don’t Pin From Search Engines

Many people search for something then pin straight from that search engine. For example, an individual may search for “sunsets on the beach” and find a beautiful photo of a beach at sunset. Instead of going to the source website, some people simply pin straight from the search engine.

When this happens, the person who took the photo never gets the credit. Also, when fellow Pinterest users want to visit the site where the pin came from, they’ll be taken to the search engine, which can be frustrating and shows you up as someone who doesn’t follow the rules.

Tip #3 – Keep Pinboards Organized

As you continue to pin, keep your pinboards organized. No one wants to visit a healthy recipes board, only to find pictures of wedding dresses or children’s toys. Give people what they expect by organizing your board contents with titles that accurately describe what’s there.

Tip #4 – Get Involved in the Conversation

Make sure that you get involved in the conversation on Pinterest. When people comment on your pins or boards, make sure you respond to those comments and comment on the boards or pins of others. This isn’t only good etiquette for operating on a social media site, but it’s a great way to build a good following as well.

Implement these tips as you work so you can enjoy the benefits of Pinterest marketing success. These are but a few of the tips you need to remember, so check back soon for more ways in which you can maintain the right etiquette on Pinterest .

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