Pinterest Marketing – More Tips on Etiquette

In the last Pinterest marketing post, we discussed some important Pinterest etiquette tips for marketers. Proper etiquette is as important as your marketing strategies. Fail to follow the accepted etiquette rules and you’ll quickly alienate followers, perhaps sabotaging your marketing campaign.

Follow these tips to avoid social blunders when using Pinterest.

Tip # 5 – Limit Self Promotion

Although you are using Pinterest as a promotional marketing tool, it’s important to limit overt self promotion, keep it to 30-40% of your pins. Some of your pins should definitely promote your products, services or website, however be sure to pin other things and from other sources as well.

Keep pinboards interesting, don’t post only those things that talk about you and your company.

Tip #6 – Never Spam

Avoid spamming – good etiquette at all times. Whether you’re marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media site, spam is never well accepted.

If it appears that you are spamming, people will quickly write you off, they may even report you for spamming which could easily sabotage your results on Pinterest.

Tip #7 – Use High Quality Images and Videos

Ensuring your images and videos are high quality is another element of proper etiquette and a useful tip to keep in mind. Low quality has no place on Pinterest, since visual marketing is what this site is about.

Pinning less than high quality videos and images reflects badly on you and your company, so avoid making this mistake.

Tip #8 – Follow Acquaintances, Family Members and Friends

Lastly, if possible ensure you follow acquaintances, family members and friends on Pinterest. You’ve probably asked the people you know to follow you, so it’s only right and proper that you follow them as well. When you gain new followers on Pinterest, it pays to follow them in return.

Returning the favor on following is all part of getting involved in the conversation.

By using good manners on Pinterest, you’ll avoid making the mistakes that could seriously damage your marketing efforts. You’re probably working hard on the marketing opportunities Pinterest has to offer so don’t blow it. Don’t make the social blunders that can get in the way of the great results you’re working for.

Keep these tips in mind and start pinning. Be kind, polite and treat others on Pinterest the way you want to be treated.

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