• Simple Ways To Get More People To Read Your Content

    Today’s world moves at a very fast pace.

    This has created a culture of demand and instant gratification. The average person feels that their time is too precious to waste and they hurry along, demanding fast answers and making fast decisions.

    Convincing Readers To Slow Down

    Countless research studies and scientific polls have come to a generalized conclusion about the average Internet reader: They are impatient. Among the most commonly found research results is that the average reader decides in ten seconds whether your page is worth reading. They likewise suggest that those ten seconds will be spent scanning.

    Scanning is when a reader glances over the page they’ve stumbled on. Their eyes flit about the screen, gathering information from headlines, subheadings, graphics, pictures, and highlighted or bold font print. They garner the basic gist of your page in ten seconds, and either settle in to read, or click back to the search engine to try again.
    [captionpix imgsrc=”http://needanarticle.com/index2/wp-content/uploads/popcorn.jpg” width=”135″ captiontext=”Studies have shown that image captions are some of the most read text on a page, further encouraging your readers to grab a snack and stick around for awhile.”]

    What This Means For SEO

    When someone finds your page using a search engine, that search engine gauges your site’s appropriateness and value to the reader based on how long the reader stays on your page. Known as the bounce rate, the search engine keeps tabs on the amount of time that elapses between a search engine link click and the user returning to the search engine.

    The longer you can keep a reader on your site, and the more pages they visit within your site while they are there, the more value the search engine places on your website’s content. The more valuable your content, the higher your search engine results.

    Keep Your Reader Longer

    Use these tricks to capture your reader’s attention in those ten seconds.


    [list_item]Break up your text, offering plenty of opportunities for subheadings. Capture your entire point in the subheading, expecting the reader to read these first. Let your actual text serve as a supplemental explanation.[/list_item]

    [list_item]Include a few bold or highlighted words to make your points stand out from your text. These bold fonts will draw attention to important details, but only if you use them sparingly. If every paragraph contains multiple words that stand out, the desired effect will be lost.[/list_item]

    [list_item]Employ plenty of white space on your page. One of the most intimidating factors a reader can encounter is a wall of text. These long paragraphs feel like work to your reader, encouraging them to bounce back to the search engine and try again.[/list_item]

    [list_item]Don’t overdo the white space! While it is acceptable to let the occasional sentence stand as its own paragraph, the repeated use of this makes your website feel unorganized and chaotic.[/list_item]


    Readers Enjoy Simple Concepts

    The simple concepts are what coax a reader into staying on your page for longer. Bullets, internal links, and captions that stand out from the rest of the text are simple concepts that you can use to draw the reader in.

    Make sure that each included bullet gets right to the point. Tell your reader the fact right after the bullet. Expand your discussion in the text that follows, but don’t overdo the bullets!

    [captionpix imgsrc=”http://needanarticle.com/index2/wp-content/uploads/Readable-Text-2.jpg” width=”200″]

    Links, both internal and external, give your reader a reason to keep on going. Unless you provide the reader with something else to do, they’re heading back to the search engine.

    Captions and quotations can be used to draw attention to any part of your site. Proper examples of this concept can be found in modern magazines. When a quote has been removed from the text, enlarged, and colored, it captures your reader’s attention.

    What Readers Like To See

    Your content should employ the inverted pyramid writing style at all times. A popular journalistic tool, the inverted pyramid style is showcased by placing the most important information at the top of each section. As you work your way through the section, the information becomes increasingly less important.

    Allow your reader to skip down the page, reading the information closest to the subheading. The inverted pyramid style allows the reader to quickly judge whether they should keep reading, or skip to the next subheading.

    You have to remember to not overwhelm your reader. Complicated subjects should be broken into different pages. This permits the reader to take in one important part at a time without feeling like they’re inside an encyclopedia.

    Consider using the numbered list idea. As mundane as it may seem, readers will often pay attention to a post that offers them “X Ways To Learn Blank”.

    The Finishing Touches

    When you are finished applying all of these designs to your website, don’t eagerly hit that publish button. Rather:


    [list_item]Go back and read your post like a scanning visitor would.[/list_item]

    [list_item]Determine if your headings and subheadings explain your premise by themselves.[/list_item]

    [list_item]Judge the amount of bold or highlighted text to see if it is distracting due to high usage.[/list_item]

    [list_item]Consider the amount of text and white space on your page. Make certain one doesn’t overwhelm the other.[/list_item]


    Most importantly, make sure you are offering valuable content to your readers. Even with all of these tricks in play, your reader won’t stick around for weak content.

  • Facebook Marketing – Top Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

    statistics-76197__180Facebook marketing is a part of a good marketing campaign for any small business. However, many small businesses find it difficult to enjoy the results they want from Facebook. This happens for many reasons. In many cases, the simple mistakes can lead to big problems when using Facebook for marketing purposes. Simply avoiding common mistakes can be a huge step in the right direction. The following are some big Facebook marketing mistakes that every small business needs to avoid.

    Mistake #1 – Failing to Spend Enough Time on Your Campaign

    One big mistake many small businesses make is assuming that they can enjoy great results while spending minimal time working on their Facebook marketing campaign. Some businesses simply set up their page and then forget about it. To make Facebook work for you, you have to go beyond simply setting up a page and expecting it to provide you with results. This form of marketing needs regular updating and monitoring to be a success.

    Mistake #2 – Broadcasting Instead of Interacting

    Another of the top Facebook marketing mistakes made by small businesses is broadcasting on Facebook instead of interacting with fans. Fans are looking for engaging, relevant content. They don’t want content that seems like non-stop advertising and broadcasting.

    People using Facebook want a sense of community – they like to make connections. Your job is to give them that community and to give them a place where they can connect with your business. Genuine, authentic interactions are far more effective than broadcasting information about your company.

    Mistake #3 – Boring Content

    Facebook is all about sharing things that are useful, interesting and funny. Boring, predictable content will quickly get you hidden from your fans’ newsfeeds. Vary your content and avoid using filler content. Focus on content that is personal, engaging and definitely avoid boring your fans.

    Mistake #4 – TOS Violations

    A huge mistake that small businesses often make is violating the Terms of Service of Facebook. When a Facebook business page is created, you’ll be asked to agree to Facebook’s terms. Some of the most common violations include failing to follow content rules and building business pages on personal pages. Take time to educate yourself on Facebook’s terms to ensure you avoid violating them. Remember, Facebook can ban you from the site without warning if you violate those terms.

    Small businesses have the ability to enjoy excellent results with Facebook marketing. However, reaping these results requires hard work, being well informed and learning how to create personal connections with fans. Avoid these common Facebook marketing mistakes to enjoy better results and then focus on learning more about how you can maximize your efforts on Facebook.

  • Facebook Marketing Etiquette – Dos and Don’ts to Remember (Part 2)

    Previously in our Facebook marketing series, we started talking about Facebook etiquette. Proper etiquette is important if you expect to enjoy great results with your social media campaign. Last time, we discussed a few important etiquette dos to employ on your Facebook business page. To prevent offended fans and avoid ruining your marketing efforts, here are a few etiquette don’ts you’ll want to remember as well.

    DON’T Use Facebook as a Direct Sales Tool

    Facebook marketing shouldn’t be used as a direct sales tool. Your goal should be to increase awareness of your brand and developing a community of fans that are interested in your brand. Avoid constantly selling with your business page. You’ll quickly turn off fans and you may even get labeled as spam.

    DON’T Just Ignore Negative Comments

    When you begin using Facebook for business purposes, you should expect some negative comments along with the good ones. It’s tempting to just delete or ignore those comments. However, instead of ignoring those comments use them as an opportunity to show that you care about customers. Respond to those comments and show fans that you’re willing to listen to criticism. It says a lot about you and your company.

    DON’T Do All the Talking

    Facebook marketing should be about a conversation, not doing all the talking yourself. One of the best Facebook etiquette tips to follow is to listen to your fans. Avoid constantly advertising, shouting and ranting about your company and products.

    It’s great to say something different and new. It’s wonderful to share great content that speaks to you in some way. However, look for ways to get your fans talking. You want their opinions and their thoughts. Your goal is to open the conversation.

    DON’T Forget That You’re Building a Reputation

    Some marketers fail to remember that everything they do on Facebook and social media affects their reputation. When you make a move on Facebook, it becomes public knowledge. Remember that you’re building a reputation so run your Facebook marketing campaign accordingly. Focus on good etiquette that will build up your reputation instead of tearing it down.

    DON’T Post Anything That Fails to Have Value

    You should never post just to post. Don’t comment just to comment. If it doesn’t have value, you shouldn’t be posting it on Facebook. Adding a valuable comment to someone else’s post can have great results. Jumping in with a post that is invaluable can give your fans the idea that your company has nothing new and of value to add to the conversation.

    DON’T Make Your Responses Sound Canned

    No one wants to interact with a Facebook business page that sounds automated. If you constantly respond to fans with responses that sound “canned,” it won’t set your business apart from the others. New and inventive responses can set you apart from your competition, so make sure you pay careful attention to your responses.

    With a few helpful Facebook etiquette tips, you can avoid alienating fans and ensure your marketing efforts don’t come across as spam. For even more Facebook marketing tips, check back next time to learn about the top mistakes small businesses make on Facebook and how you can avoid them!

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  • Facebook Marketing – Facebook Etiquette Dos and Don’ts to Remember (Part 1)

    Now that you’re focusing on your Facebook marketing campaign and you’re growing your fan base, it’s important to take some time to learn about proper Facebook etiquette. Every Facebook business page is different and one of the key tips is to know your audience. However, every marketer focusing on building a good fan base on Facebook can use certain basic etiquette guidelines. Here are some essential etiquette guidelines you can use to keep current fans and draw even more fans to your page.

    DO Respond to Fans

    If you have thousands of fans, it’s probably not feasible to respond to every comment left on your Facebook business page. However, responding to fans is one of the essential Facebook etiquette tips to remember, especially if your fans are asking important questions. Failing to answer questions can cause your fans to lose faith in your company.

    An easy way to make sure you see those questions is to visit the Manage Permissions settings, choosing to activate the “Show Message” button. This allows fans to send you direct messages, which is where most fans will choose to ask their questions.

    DO Keep Your Page Active

    Your Facebook marketing campaign will fall flat if you fail to be active. It’s only good etiquette to keep your page active, making sure you are actively engaged in conversations occurring on your page. While it’s best to keep your posts to all fans to only 2-3 per day, you still should be chiming in on comments made, fan posts and even on the business pages of your competition.

    DO Share Fan Content

    To make your fans feel important and like you, really pay attention to what they write or share, make sure you share fan content that is uploaded to your page. Share photos from fans and encourage others to upload their photos too. You’ll show fans that your company really cares about them.

    DO Watch Your Tone When Posting

    Since it’s tough to judge tone of voice on the internet, watching your tone when posting is another of those important Facebook etiquette tips to remember. Make posts and responses sound like a human instead of like an autoresponder message.

    Be careful about overusing punctuation as well. Overuse of question marks and exclamation points is not only annoying to fans, but it makes your posts look like spam.

    Now that you have a few etiquette dos to follow, make sure you check back soon for some helpful Facebook etiquette don’ts.

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  • Facebook Marketing – Advanced Marketing Strategies that Provide Results

    Advanced Marketing Strategies

    In previous posts on Facebook marketing, we’ve covered some of the essential tips and strategies for getting your marketing campaign off the ground.

    Once you have your Facebook business page set up, learn every strategy you can to make your marketing results a success. After you go through the basics of setting up your page, build a list of fans and work on getting results.

    Now, it’s time to move onto more advanced marketing strategies. Thousands of Facebook apps are available and many of them are specifically designed for marketing. Making good use of these apps will take your Facebook marketing campaign to the next level.

    Strategy #1 – Add Your Blog Content to Facebook

    If you’re already using a blog for marketing purposes, consider adding your blog content to Facebook. You’ll make the most of every post by reaching out to those Facebook fans who may not actually visit your blog regularly.

    One of the apps that could help is dlvr.it. This routes your blog’s RSS feed to Facebook, posting it as a wall post on your business page. It also includes a link back to your original post. Another app you can use to accomplish this is NetworkedBlogs. They offer more features, and the app creates a replica of your blog’s index page on your business page. New blog entries result in a wall post and a link to the entry.

    Strategy #2 – Incorporate Your YouTube Channel

    Another of the advanced strategies that can boost your marketing results is incorporating a YouTube channel onto your FB business page. Several Facebook apps allow you to add the YouTube channel as a tab on your page. You could then showcase your products with online videos.

    Three top options to consider using are NorthSocial, Best YouTube Channel for Pages and Involver.

    Strategy #3 – Build Your Mailing List

    You can also build your email list with your Facebook business page. ConstantContact and MailChimp are two email providers that have apps enabling Facebook fans to sign up for your emails from your business page. Even if you don’t use either of these email providers, you can use apps like Appbistro on your Facebook page to help you gather email addresses with a contact form.

    While this is only a small sample of the advanced marketing strategies that can be used to make the most of your business page, more Facebook apps are being created all the time. Do a little research and you’ll find lots of apps that will help increase your marketing results.

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  • Health Articles Can Build Authority in Health Niches

    The Need An Article™ Article Writing Service is well-qualified to provide clients with a wide variety of content for their websites.

    One example is the inclusion of health articles.

    One of the biggest challenges for new websites is successfully attracting good traffic flow.

    Website owners can get bogged down trying to accomplish this by themselves, especially when you consider that they could invest years before they succeeded at attracting more traffic and getting higher rankings in the search engines.

    This is where Need An Article™ (or ‘NAA’ for short) and its writers can help boost traffic and provide a flow of quality website content.

    Building traffic and website content is possible with NAA’s capable writers because they can provide whatever articles you may need.

    With NAA’s skilled writers providing your quality content, you’ll be able to focus on the other important parts of your website business, such as a new, modern layout or upgrade, setting up that autoresponder series or anything else you know you need.

    Many website owners are so busy with the other elements of their website they simply can’t focus on writing their own quality content.

    It doesn’t matter what you require in terms of current health articles – they could range from concerns about the common cold to more serious health issues. NAA’s writers can provide the precise health articles you’re looking for.

    Using NAA writers can result in considerable benefits for your website, here are just a few:


    [list_item]Increased search engine exposure & ranking[/list_item]

    [list_item]Greater appeal to a wider audience[/list_item]

    [list_item]Better traffic because of regularly updated, quality content[/list_item]

    [list_item]Back-link support from other bloggers and websites due to worth while content[/list_item]


    Health articles are versatile and can be used in a number of situations.

    For instance, if a section of your website deals with the sale of medicine, featuring a few health articles could add interest and traffic to your website.

    Additionally, if you distribute an e-mail newsletter to your customers, featuring health issue articles could draw in potential new customers and help establish authority in health matters.

    Have you got a health website (or any other website) that’s
    in danger of “flat-lining”?
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    Editor’s Note:
    NAA content costs pennies and takes just a few minutes to organize with an NAA writer. When it’s ready, just download it and post it. It’s that easy!
    Access Our Team of Professional Writers Today!

  • Facebook Marketing – The Power of Pictures

    Since Facebook has switched to the Timeline format, marketing images have become even more important.

    Visual orientation has only increased, making them very attractive to businesses involved in Facebook marketing. Not only do you have the capacity to post a profile photo, but you can also post a cover photo, create photo albums and post photos along with updates.

    It’s important to learn how to use FB photos to your advantage, so maximize the power of your pictures with the following tips.

    Use Candid Shots

    To make the most of a photo on Facebook, try using candid photos instead of pictures that are too often sales-oriented and lukewarm. Remember, FB is an informal community, staged photos will look out of place. Fun, candid shots are much more likely to look interesting and help reach your fans on a personal level. Candid photos look genuine and friendly, making them more appealing in your marketing campaign.

    Focus on People in the Picture

    Facebook is all about people so make your photos focus on people and their faces. For example, post pictures of business employees having fun or people smiling while using your product or service. Adding people to your pictures helps show the personal side of the business and will really resonate with your fans.

    Keep the Text Short

    While it’s a good idea to add captions, questions or comments, keep that text brief. Since Facebook has a new improved visual focus too much text will get tedious for your fans. Keep things short and to the point to increase the appeal of each photo and you’ll probably get better user responses as well. Remember, pictures are worth a thousand words, you don’t have to restate what your picture is saying.

    Post Pictures to Share

    When using pictures as a part of your marketing campaign, make sure you post photos that can be shared. Pictures that are likeable, imaginative, unique and fun are more likely to be shared by your fans with their friends, therefore giving your business greater exposure and increased user engagement.

    Creatively use your images to show how your brand/product/service can be enjoyed. Get fans involved by asking questions, making comments or adding a funny caption to the picture.

    Market your brand by using Facebook photos to produce an engaging and exciting impression of your company or product.

    Keep these tips in mind and make the most of every photo you post on your FB business page. Check back soon for more helpful Facebook marketing strategies.

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  • Facebook Marketing – More Exciting Strategies to Help You Increase Fan Engagement (Part 2)

    In the first part of this post on Facebook fan engagement, we looked at some strategies to use for getting fans engaged on your business page. Involving fans on your page goes a long way toward increasing your Facebook marketing success, thereby making your hard work worth the effort.

    Maybe you’ve already been working on writing status updates that focus on fans or you’ve ensured everything on your business page is shareable. Now you can build on these actions with additional strategies to increase fan engagement.

    Strategy #4 – Play on Current News, Pop Culture and Popular Memes

    Facebook is a fast-paced social environment which means your fans won’t engage with old news. For this reason, it’s important to play on current news, pop culture and popular memes when posting. Fans love sharing content and engaging with content that is current. Since news, pop culture and memes are constantly changing, you can use them to grab fans’ attention, keeping your content relevant at the same time. Need a crash course on memes? Here’s an explanation and some examples of internet memes.

    Strategy #5 – Combine Images and Questions

    Questions are an excellent way to draw your fans in and images encourage Facebook fan engagement. FB users enjoy sharing photos, so use relevant images and add a question or comment to then – something to provoke a response.

    Strategy #6 – Provide Coupon Offers (But Use the $ Sign)

    Another useful strategy is to provide coupon offers to fans since they like those kinds of offers. However, make sure your coupons use a “$ off” format instead of a “% off.” Fans don’t like having to do the math and are more likely to engage with a coupon that offers real money off. Seeing a tangible cash discount grabs their attention.

    Strategy #7 – Simplicity is Key

    Facebook allows you to post status messages, photo albums, single photos, videos, links, links that include thumbnails and more. However, simplicity is essential for increasing fan involvement; they are more likely to engage with simple status messages and single photos than they are with more complicated posts.

    Strategy #8 – Take Advantage of Holidays

    Have you ever noticed how Facebook users really get talking when the holidays roll around? Take advantage of the chatter by engaging in conversation about holiday celebrations. Add a holiday-themed cover photo, offer a special holiday deal or get your fans talking about their favorite holiday memories or celebrations.

    With these strategies, you can increase your fan involvement and keeping those fans enthusiastic about your brand will help ensure your marketing success.

    Remember, as with any other marketing activity, it’s important to test your approach, evaluate what works and learn from the things that don’t work. Find out which ones work best for your unique Facebook audience by using one or all of these strategies.

    Be sure to check back for our next installment, we’ll be exploring the power of pictures on Facebook and how you can make photos work for you.

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  • Facebook Engagement 1 – Exciting Strategies to Help You Increase Fan Engagement

    Many businesses are learning the most effective tactics for engaging their Facebook fans. Regular activity on your Facebook business page won’t pay off without continually keeping fans interested and involved.

    Once you increase fan activity, you’ll increase traffic to your business website, with the corresponding increase in page visibility and marketing opportunities. If you’re not sure how to begin, here are some tactics to start using.

    Strategy #1 – Focus on Fans with Updates

    Every update on your FB page needs to focus on getting people as new fans and involving them in conversations and other activities on the page. Many business pages make the mistake of repeatedly posting the same updates, this will not give you the results you want. Repetitive posting becomes extremely annoying to fans and soon your fans are ignoring your posts altogether.

    Pay attention to EdgeRank when posting updates. What is EdgeRank? This is an algorithm used by Facebook to decide the importance of an update. A post or update that receives lots of comments has a higher EdgeRank which then puts that post higher in the Facebook news feeds, and gets it seen by more people.

    Work to tailor your posts and updates so fans get commenting. Do this by asking for advice, asking questions, getting opinions or perhaps, asking for their stories. Since comments are likely to get your posts shown in better positions on news feeds, you’ll also increase the likelihood of other fans interacting on your page.

    Strategy #2 – Make Everything Shareable

    Facebook is all about sharing and to successfully increase fan engagement make all your posted content shareable. Include a share button with your content, thereby encouraging fans to re-post that content. Having a facility to share content will encourage people to share it with their friends, and give your page more exposure. If your content isn’t shareable, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

    Strategy #3 – Quality Over Quantity

    Increasing engagement is all about creating content that revolves around your fans and posting to your business page regularly is important. However, studies show that quality wins over quantity every time. Posting a couple of times a day will help increase “like” and “comment” rates, but posting too much will lower the rate of fan interaction. Fans don’t like being bombarded with content – it feels like spam. Go with one or two quality posts each day and fans are more likely to engage with your page.

    Be sure to check back soon for more strategies and tactics that will help increase boost your Facebook marketing results.

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  • Facebook Marketing – Maximize Facebook Results with More Helpful SEO Tips (Part 2)

    Previously, we discussed the importance of SEO when running a Facebook marketing campaign. Implementing SEO tactics and strategies will help get better results with the top search engines while helping you rank well within Facebook’s own search engine.

    We already mentioned helpful tips like choosing the right page name and optimizing your “About” text box.

    To continue SEO success, here are several more tips to improve your marketing results.

    Tip #3 – Optimize the Info Tab

    When you create your business page, Facebook will create an “Info” tab that includes descriptive page metadata. Filling in all the fields under this tab is important, since this offers you the opportunity to include important links, keywords, etc. Fill in location data, including zip code, state and city as these can give you a boost in local searches. Include information on your products, company mission and overview for better results in product searches. Include direct links to your business website as well.

    Tip #4 – Add Photos and Videos with Keyword-Dense Descriptions

    Adding multimedia videos and photos is an excellent way to engage your followers. An SEO tip to remember is use keyword-dense descriptions and titles for your photos and videos. When you share this type of content, use all the available descriptive fields, and add important keywords to descriptions and file names.

    Tip #5 – Contribute Regularly

    Contributing on a regular basis is essential and is an important part of good SEO in general. Many of the search results displayed, especially on Facebook searches, are comprised of content from the last 30 days. Posting regularly is essential if you want to rank well in these results.

    Tip #6 – Go Beyond Wall Posts

    Go beyond simply adding optimized wall posts on your page. Adding keyword-optimized links, notes, updates and other content can boost your rankings. Using important keywords across the various types of content will make it easier for people to find you when searching for those keywords. Don’t get stuck using just one type of content. Keep in mind, users can search for links, notes, wall posts and updates or all post types when looking for specific Facebook content.

    Tip #7 – Keep Content on-Topic

    Lastly, keep content on-topic when working on your Facebook marketing. Whenever you add content, make sure it’s relevant to your niche. This improves the overall keyword density on your page, and helps get better rankings. It’s more difficult to achieve good rankings when you regularly go off-topic and post content that isn’t related to your business niche.

    Good SEO is vital for boosting Facebook marketing success. Viral distribution may limit you to the fans on your page. However, making good use of these SEO tactics can help improve the exposure of your business page to the entire Facebook user base.

    [button url=”http://needanarticle.com/index2/facebook-marketing-exciting-strategies-increase-fan-engagement-part-1/” target=”_self” size=”small” style=”royalblue” ]Facebook Marketing P8 – Increase Fan Engagement 1[/button]