Do You Need More “Flavors” on Your Website?

A man owned an ice cream shop in a good corner location. He only had three flavors – vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. At first, business was good but after a while, customers didn’t come in as often and most were new customers who just happened to be walking by. Having special sales helped a little but it just wasn’t enough. He did some research to find out why other ice cream shops did much better than his did.

Ice cream shops that had a lot of steady customers as well as new ones all had the same thing in common. They all had new flavors of ice cream coming in every week and quite often featured the newest flavor as the “flavor of the week”. When he realized that people wanted new and different flavors, the man found a company to supply him with new flavors regularly. It did not take long for his ice cream shop to have more customers than he ever had before. He still had the old standby flavors for those who wanted them but he kept new flavors coming in so customers had something new to try all the time.

Websites are not much different than the ice cream shop in this story. If you have a website with good content but haven’t posted new content in a long time, you may have noticed that traffic to your site has greatly fallen off. With the same content and nothing new for them to read, there is no reason for people to come back and new visitors may only find your site by accident.

A steady supply of fresh content gives people a reason to keep coming back and makes it easier for people to find you in the first place. It is much the same as with the ice cream shop. With just the basic flavors, customers had no reason to keep coming back. New flavors every week got them excited to come back often. Put new content on your site regularly and you give people something new to read and keep them coming back for more.

Since you may not have the time or the skills to write enough new content, you need a reliable source to provide a steady supply of great content. Need an Article is just the place to find writers who will meet your content needs. With new content to post to your site every week, your traffic will increase and as it does, your sales will also increase.

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