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As a content writer, the desire or need to expand one’s vocabulary and knowledge becomes a given. Many writers here on the site have become quite accustomed to writing on a variety of topics. More knowledge on a variety of topics broadens their horizons and client base. However, in the acquisition of knowledge, does it really make one smarter? In a sense, but not to the degree with what I am about to share with you.

Ah ha!

Have you ever had a dream where you figured out the solution to a tough problem, or had a crystal-clear idea come to you – that you knew was the big piece to a puzzle that could potentially unlock the doors of opportunity for you? We have all had these dreams – I know I have. When we are conscience, these are often referred to as ‘ah ha!’ moments.

The problem with ‘ah ha!’ moments when we are asleep, is that we cannot seem to remember them when we are awake with the clarity we had while asleep. Imagine how awesome it could be if we could just get our brains to cough up the idea or solution it gave to us while resting? While this may not be possible… alternatively, I believe there is a way (as the opening of this article hinted at), to make ourselves smarter and experience more and more ‘ah ha’ moments while awake – AND asleep. Once again, I am not referring to being smarter through the acquisition of more knowledge. I am referring to transforming your brain from the inside out (More on this in a bit).

How powerful is the brain?

Have you ever heard it said that we as humans only use a fraction of what our brains are capable of? I have heard this before, however I am not so sure just how factual it really is. However, it does seem plausible when you consider the following:

Our brains process and control every single function in our bodies without skipping a beat!

When you stop and really ponder, you begin to realize that the level of harmony taking place inside of our bodies is no less than overwhelming. Furthermore, when examining just one aspect of the human body, it makes it almost incomprehensible.

Take the body’s vast system of carrying blood: consisting of veins, arteries, capillaries, etc., and what you have is a system that consists of several thousand miles of organic highways that can encompass the entire globe twice. The fact that the brain can regulate this system, while maintaining all other vital systems, is phenomenal!

Brain Check

Yes! The brain is powerful, no doubt. However, what state is your brain in, and what ‘brain wave’ do you operate at the majority of the time? This may seem like a loaded question, or perhaps even a mystical one, but it is worth asking once you understand the affect that certain brain waves can have on the body and mind.

In his book, “Thresholds of the Mind”, Author Bill Harris explains there are four categories of brain wave patterns – Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.
Beta – The pattern of normal waking consciousness.
Alpha – Slower, more relaxed pattern – experienced soon after closing eyes.
Theta – Dreaming sleep, or REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep.
Delta – The slowest of patterns – that of dreamless sleep.

Bill goes on to explain how traditional meditation is simply the art of training the brain to enter lower brain wave states at will – and the extraordinary benefits that can result from it. However, performing such a task at will is anything but simple! Traditional mediation can take years, even decades to master.

In contrast, Bill further expounds how higher end brain wave states, such as ‘High beta’ can wreak havoc on our mental and emotional well being – ultimately leading to great feelings of separation, anxiety, and higher levels of stress.

He sums it well when he explains:

“In its extreme form, a lateralized, unbalanced brain results in behavior commonly described as “dysfunctional” or “addictive,..”

Brain lateralization, as explained by Mr. Harris, is “the innate duality” of the brain’s two hemispheres. By nature, Mr. Harris points out that “in virtually all people the two hemispheres are unbalanced.” The intensity of the lateralization (Unbalance / higher end of Beta), predisposes us to intense feelings of fear, stress, anxiety, and isolation.

It makes one wonder why anyone would want to take a side-effect-producing medication for depression and anxiety disorders, with such a tool as meditation at our disposal.

Once again, learning to train the brain in this fashion is anything but easy. Subsequently, the fact that we live in such a fast-paced society, doesn’t create a very conducive atmosphere if attempting to learn the time consuming task of traditional meditation.

There is an alternative?

Yes, there is a shortcut, and likely something that just may prove to be even more effective than traditional meditation. The same author of Thresholds of the Mind (Bill Harris) is also the founder of Centerpointe Research Institute. And what they have developed is a fascinating sound technology called HoloSync. The benefits people have experienced using this technology clearly speaks for itself.

I was very skeptical until I actually tried it myself. To my amazement, and I can say emphatically,  it does work!

The experience is very real and exhilarating. To describe it: Think of being asleep, but actually awake. Enjoying a full session in Delta state (even lower than Theta) is euphoric! Bill explains the benefits of using Holosync on his website, and as you will soon find out, super learning is just one of the benefits!

I appreciate the fact that it doesn’t require a huge amount of time. The prologue of the system is just 30 minutes a day (a lunch break) and you can, as Bill says in his own words, “Meditate like a Zen Monk at the touch of a button!”

If you would like to learn more about Centerpointe Research Institute and Holosync, please visit: http://needanarticle.com/recommends/holosync.htm

-Direct quotes from Bill Harris in “Thresholds of the Mind” founder of Centerpointe Research Institute.

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  • John

    Jose Silva and his team (particularly his right hand man, Dr Wilf Hahn, whom I studied under at the time) did most of the worthwhile original work in the 60s/70s on this stuff. And even Silva drew from the earlier works of Freud, Jung and Adler)

    As happens with monotonous regularity in the US, someone else (one of hundreds) has taken some original work, re-badged it with a bunch of cosmic gee-whiz sounding titles, and is breathlessly flogging to unsuspecting USA and Rest of World.

    It’s not crap, it’s just old knowledge that’s been re-badged, in the same way that current internet marketers are flogging re-labeled John Caples, Robert Ogilvy and Gary Halbert, adding a tweak and 21st century catchphrase here and there for the new technology.

    I think it’s inappropriate for you to drop a squeeze light box on the front of NAA. A display ad in one of the columns would have been more appropriate. Would you have done the same thing is you had just become a born again Christian? Or a devotee of Amway? Herbalife?

    Having said that, as an Alpha/theta/delta practitioner since the early 70s, I wish you the best in your new field of interest.

    If you gain even 25% of what I did from studying under the originators of the principle, your life will be incredibly enriched.

    Cheers, John

    • Robbi

      Having never studied with them, I was appreciative of the chance to read more about the method. i didn’t really see it as a squeeze box and comparison with Amway just made me LOL.. I do this there is a modicum of dissimilarity there John.. That being said, thanks to both of you for a little more information on the topic. It was a good read for me and well worth checking out.

      R Drake.

  • http://leathergloveshop.com eric j

    Thank you for the info i will check it out.I think that i have only delta patterns when i sleep, no dreams no nothing.

  • Explore Uruguay

    Thanks for Sharing this Scott. Looks very interesting. Im going to look further into holosync. Seems that people spend lots of time training their muscles but often neglect to excercise their brains. Cheers!

  • http://www.interest-freecreditcards.net/ Jeff

    Fascinating reading and certainly worth checking this out. For those of us who didn’t know of this research, for it to be re-badged with a bunch of cosmic gee-whiz sounding titles, be breathlessly flogged was actually quite refreshing. There is always value in revisiting forgotten research, however it is represented.

    Thank you R. Drake

  • http://stevexx923.insanejournal.com/ Angel

    Oh, a wonderful written report! I have no clue how you managed to write this report..it’d take me long hours. Well worth it though, I’d suspect. Have you considered selling ads on your website?

  • Angela

    What wonderful text! No idea how you came up with it..it’d take me long hours. Well worth it though, I’d suspect. Have you considered selling advertising space on your blog?