Are You Chasing Visitors Away With Too Much Sophistication?

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Chasing Visitors Away

Anyone who regularly browses the Internet has a list of things they don’t like when visiting websites.

You know what I’m talking about; those things that get in the way of having a really good experience. Bad experiences have a way of sending potential customers somewhere else where the shopping is easier.

With this in mind, the best thing any website owner can do is adhere to rule number one in web design.

That rule follows the KISS principle.

Keep It Simple ...

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WordPress Training-A Wise Investment

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In the early days of the web and websites online, most of us found a webmaster and we hoped they would give us what we wanted for the payment we rendered.

The reality is that it didn’t always work out the way we’d planned. Quite often, the website we received wasn’t the one we wanted and didn’t really work for us in the way we hoped it would.

SEO training was really non-existent and self-building of websites also was not yet the ...

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Blog Networks Being Rapidly Deindexed Has the SEO World Up in Arms

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The SEM companies around the country are getting notified by Google Webmaster warnings recently that they are out of the loop so to speak and that they need to watch out for artificial links that are being used to manipulate their page rank. It started about a month ago, in February and as more and more sites and companies are receiving notices, the alarm is spreading exponentially.

Very large blog networks such as BuildMyRank have been hit the hardest. ...

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Crafting The Kind Of Content You Want At Great Prices!

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Dear potential client,

We don’t just say it to say it! Need An Article is one of the best writing services online! Why?

It’s simple! Because we care about one thing… top-notch client fulfillment and above all, good old-fashioned service!

When it comes to your content, you want fast and easy solutions that are cost-effective. NAA has just one goal. To give you exactly what you want, when you need it. So whether you need just one or several articles, it’s ...

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