Who’s Really Making it Online?

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The answer to that question is, nearly everyone. People from all walks of life are making money. Older Americans, teenagers, stay-at-home moms, retired business owners and even small companies in Africa, and individuals who have an idea and a good way to present it.

Shockingly, during what was a marked economic downturn for many countries, the United States included, with jobs lost and hours cut, the internet seemed to be functioning at peak capacity.

A few jobs were lost, a few sites ...

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Content Writing and Article Marketing-Seasonal Trends

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By: [google_authorship]

While we all hear a great deal about marketing what’s and how’s, we don’t hear a great deal about the when’s of the entire website marketing and website content that we’re using.

Hi! I’m Macbeth, a writer for Need an Article. Marketing is a hobby, as well as SEO. I’ve worked in the field for more than ten years.

Here’s what I’ve learned from that time–

Despite all that we read and hear, marketing is so much more than just ...

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