Need An Article™ does not hire ESL writers, and pay them slave wages just to say in our marketing campaigns, “It’s FREE to Join!”

You see, other business models lure you in with the “It’s FREE!” punch line then turn around and add inconvenient “processing fees” to the price of each piece of content you buy.

They also outsource their writing to third world countries where English is not mainstream, while taking a big chunk of their writer’s pay.

Here at Need An Article™, you get charged a base price of currently $9.95 per month to have access to our interviewed, tested, and hired writers.

For you here at Need An Article™ the cost of content starts at a ridiculous $0.0129 Per Word. (Even though we believe a solid, professional writer sells a comprehensive content, conversion, and search strategy, not cents for words.)

This is our cost of giving you access, although it should be much higher, believe it or not we still unfortunately are ‘too high a price’ for most, but we are not building this system for clients with such a low budget that $9.95 per month is a life and death decision.

The membership fee is also how we keep from taking a big cut from our quality writers hard work.

Content Writing – Price per word & research

  • $0.0129 – Essential Skill Nominal research
  • $0.02 – Better Skill Mild research
  • $0.03 – High Skill Moderate research
  • $0.05 – Exceptional Skill More research
  • And higher when needed.

For example a 1,000 word piece with:
Essential Skill & Nominal Research
Would cost just 12.90 – (1,000 x .0129 = 12.90)

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So what you need to ask yourself is would you rather spend your time bidding for and rejecting content? Or ordering and publishing it.

Plus it doesn’t take a math whiz to figure out that at 30 article requests with a ‘FREE site’, you’re actually paying a membership anyway, because of the fees they add to each content piece: 30 articles x $0.33 = $9.90 (based on a certain competitior’s pricing scheme, in the fine print.)

So you see, the “It’s FREE!” punch line is hog wash if you ask us.

It doesn’t matter if you do 30 requests a month, or 200, when you get access to our writers and buy articles from them, there are NO fees added to your content requests. Wondering what $0.33 added to 200 articles looks like? It’s $66 bucks.

However, a different site may be a more suitable option for you if cheap $.99 cent, $2.00, and $5.00 pieces of ESL content is all that you think you need to try and impress and convert your prospects with, not to mention keeping the search engines happy when now in 2014 and more than ever they are expecting higher quality.

What we are looking for are clients who recognize the investment
power of buying and publishing higher quality content for their business.

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If that is not enough to convince you that being a member of Need An Article™ is just out right the best bargain, then consider the following:

* You’ll have access to professional, friendly authors who have been hand picked by us to work just for you.

We don’t have tens of thousands of wanna-be so called ‘writers’ working for us, our writers have been thoroughly tested and approved. Other writing sites allow any ‘writer’ to join their ranks, not at Need An Article™, we interview/test writers first before hiring them, once they are hired by us, you can then choose them to work with you in the members area, only a few ESL writers have ever made the cut in our 7 years!

* Excellent, personable customer support. (Some of the best in the industry!)
Got a question or problem? Contact support and get it squared away in no-time.

* Copyscaped, thoroughly checked and proofread custom content.

This is where most of our budget goes to, even more so then our advertising budget, it’s our mission to output only quality content.

* Full account management options available:
Managed Membership Options

* Extremely low priced hosting (for our members only) when you build your sites with us. (Yes, we do build sites!)

*Other additional levels of service we’re preparing to let members access soon.

[notify_box font_size=”13px” style=”red”]If a Membership still doesn’t sound good to you and you would rather have the costs to run a content service added to each and every order you make, and somehow you are able to make low quality content work for you, then Need An Article™ is not for you.

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But if you believe $9.95/m is a drop in the bucket in exchange for saving you tons of valuable time and effort trying to find high quality workers and writers ready to produce quality content, along with gaining instant access to our unique services and great support, then click the button below and let’s get started.

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