Need An Article™ has begun to allow “Direct Orders” to those who want to order content without joining any of our memberships available or even just to test out our writing team.

At Need An Article™, you may expect that your interaction with our writing services will be the best you’ve had so far. Go ahead and put our writers to the test, and when your done testing
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Note! If you desire to have your completed text(s) emailed to another email other than your Paypal email, please use our help desk email provided on the thank you page after you place your order.

Supplying Keywords & Usage If you supply keywords, please place the primary & secondary at the beginning (E.g. primary, secondary,). Also note – If you provide additional keywords beyond a primary & secondary, there may be an additional charge. Lastly, please try to keep the length of keywords to three words or less. If you must go over, be sure the keyword is as natural-sounding as possible.

Your NAA Direct Ordering will be processed as rapidly as possible
and returned to you within 2-4 days after ordering.

Please note: The costs of proofreading and plagiarism checking are added
to these non membership orders.

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