Put a Face to Your Business

It’s very important to do everything you can to give yourself the edge over the competition. However this is often easier said than done, but giving your business a personal face and engaging with your target audience can go a long way to putting you ahead of the competition.

An Online Presence

One can not understate the importance of a good website. For online success it is absolutely essential to have that online presence. All your time and efforts could be wasted if links leads back to a poor website that is difficult to navigate and doesn’t engage your visitors.

A website should be clean, easy to use and nice to look at and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. A Content Management System (CMS) platform like WordPress will provide everything you need – from start to finish. By using WordPress you could save the expense of hiring a website developer/designer if you have someone on your team with some technical skills.

Your business needs a website to succeed in our media-based age. Having a website will enable you to sell goods and services, and encourage customers to keep coming back.

While there are many ways to set up your website, adding a blog with interesting content is probably one of the best ways to engage people. ‘Calls to action’ or points at which visitors have to do something located throughout your site will guide them, but avoid pushing your sales message down their throats.

If people like your site, they’ll probably stay long enough to look around, and engagement can often be converted into sales. Videos, photos and generally interesting content about your products, staff, industry and community will engage visitors, more so than boring sales messages.

Use Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social media sites are enabling businesses to better understand their customers and connect with them on a daily basis. Certain social media sites work better for some businesses than others, and finding the right ones for you depends on how you want to come across to your customers. Spend some time reading up on your options and then decide which will work for you.

Do remember to always be careful with what you post and what messages you put out – once out there, it’s out there forever – you can’t call it back in!


Emails and newsletters may be considered “old hat”, but the truth is they are still one of the best ways to keep in touch with your customers and sustain their interest in your brand. They can also be less risky than some social media options, and they work very well side-by-side with social media.

Newsletters are a great way for customers to be kept up to date with your company/product news, competitions and developments, and if well written, with a sufficient number of ‘calls to action’ in them, they are a great way of keeping your customers interested and coming back.

Using social media, communicating via a blog and having a good, workable website all go a long way to taking advantage of what technology has to offer. Understanding how to connect online with your customers is vital for success in this digital age.


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