Common Frequently Asked Questions

“How do I contact customer support?” If you would like to contact customer support, you can visit the Help Desk

If you can’t find a solution to your problem in our knowledge base, you may submit a Support Ticket. Our support staff will respond from 9AM – 7PM CST Monday-Friday.

(New) Managed Accounts Membership

“What are managed memberships”
Managed memberships are a new addition to, with a managed account you get full account management by an NAA account manager. After an initial consultation our team will work with writers, make

If you would like to get started with a managed account now, you can register here.

“What’s the difference between all your memberships?”
We currently have three levels of membership.

1. A ‘direct ordering’ option called NAA Direct gives you the ability to order articles via a simple form, however there are limitations to using this option like higher pricing (proofing and other costs are applied) and you cannot have access to the NAA Member’s area where you can search for and hire writers or use any of the other many great features.

2. We have the NAA Basic membership, with this option you do have access to the NAA System where you get full access to all the available features. Learn More

3. Managed memberships are now available here at NAA, with a managed account there’s no need to even login to your account if you don’t want to because we do all the needed tasks for you. From finding the perfect writer for a particular project to getting that project completed and finalized. You work with an account manager and get VIP support. Learn More

Membership Comparison

About NAA Direct Ordering

“What’s the difference between NAA Direct and NAA Basic?”
First, NAA Direct is free but does NOT give you access to the NAA System, where as with
We waive plagiarism checking and Proofing fees for our NAA Basic membership clients as well as give them more flexible pricing options.

“Can I get revisions? (with NAA Direct)”
Yes, just submit a support ticket and we’ll contact you to get what you need changed, Of course our Basic membership plan has much better options for getting revisions done; get revisions made with just a few clicks.

“How do I pay?”
We currently use PayPal for managing payments for NAA Direct ordering.

“What type of articles (or content) can I get written?”
With NAA Direct you can get 500-2,000/word articles written. To get more options for content ordering such as press releases, website content, writing styles and much more, you need to be a paying monthly member (NAA Basic, NAA Managed).

“When will my order be done?”
Expect your content to be finished between 2-4 days upon ordering.Bear in mind if you give any writer private orders totally more than 10 they are automatically permitted 7 days to complete them to allow them time to complete other work.You do have the option to make arrangements ahead of time to have them delivered faster.  If there are any problems please contact support.

“what if I order over the holidays?” If you order on a holiday, your due date will automatically be the day after the due date that is showing since NAA does not require our authors to work on holidays.

“How do I manage my account?”
To manage your NAA account login into the member area and navigate to Profile > Manage Account. If there are any problems please contact support.

“How do I upgrade my account?”
To upgrade from an NAA Direct user to an NAA Client (Basic or Managed), visit the home page and choose from on of the available options. If you need assistance please contact support.


“How does NAA (Need An Article™) work?” Once you become a member and fund your account you can hire a writer through one of our simple content request forms where you provide all the details of your request. Your writer will begin to write your content after they receive your details. As soon as the writer finishes your content, you can review it, accept it and download it or request revisions.

We test and hire writers so you don’t have to, once they become NAA Writers you can pick and choose who you want to work with, you can build a favorites list and communicate through a built in message system. We display ratings, exam scores and bios in the members area.

“I’m a SEO Firm/Agency can I use NAA to create our content?” Absolutely, in fact we have many SEO firms and agencies already using our writers and system. We have bulk ordering features available as well as having SEO knowledgeable writers at the ready to produce SEO specific content and/or high quality content.

“Can NAA write search engine optimized content?” Yes, most of our writers know all about search engine optimization (SEO), so they can indeed provide optimized content, but remember because of the recent search engine changes most notably with Google, creating high quality content may be a better option in the long run for gaining higher rankings in the SERPs but it’s entirely up to you.

“Can I get sales-copy written for me here at NAA?” Yes! There are options available for creating Sales Copy requests in the NAA system, we offer Sales Copy writing starting at 0.0929-cents per word and our writers have taken a Sales Copy exam in order to qualify and be able to take this kind of order from clients.

“English is not my native language can NAA still work for me?” Although our current system is setup for the English language, we feel that it is simple enough for non-native English speakers to use it for requesting English language content. We hope to offer writing in other languages in the future.

“I’m new to outsourcing will I still be able to use NAA?” Absolutely! the Need An Article™ System was created for this very reason back in 2006. We set out to make outsourcing content creation as easy as possible for anyone needing a reliable way to hire, pay, and regularly work with professional writers.

“Who runs NAA?” NAA is a Family owned small business based in the U.S. it was founded in 2006. We employ proofreaders, administrators and of course writers, many of which have been with the site for multiple years. Helping to grow and run NAA includes friends and family based in the U.S. and the across world.

“Why is there a membership fee?” In order to keep from taking a big percentage of our writers pay among other things like proofing and admin/operating costs, we ask for a membership fee to access the members area.

If the membership fee did not exist we would be forced to do what every other outsourcing site does to make a profit and that is to 1.) Add small fees to the cost of content, raising the final costs. and 2.) Take bigger percentages of writer’s pay.

We do neither here at NAA thanks to the small monthly fee, so as a result our pricing is a bargain compared to other services and our writers are well taken care of; insuring that only the best writers are available to you here at NAA.
“What is the pricing for content?” NAA’s pricing is set up in two ways:
#1 – Cents Per word, which is between $0.0129 – $0.05
#2 – Addons (Things like extra keywords, additional research, priority turn arounds, etc.)

For a more in depth explanation visit:
What is the pricing 
“How do I see a writing sample?” Samples are a dime a dozen, and anyone can fabricate or hire someone to write a sample on their behalf. Therefore, we don’t just let someone write on the basis of a sample. We carefully test and certify our authors before they can show for hire here on the site.

We have a two-step process!

First, we test all authors in basic grammar in the following 8 areas:

Subject-Verb Agreement, Modifications, Punctuation, Parallel Structure, Apostrophes, Word Pairs, Homonyms, Sentences. Note we require at least a 70% passing grade to gain an account

Then, we offer short essays in the areas or categories they wish to show for hire in. We then review each essay and rate them accordingly. As each writer is approved, they are awarded a badge of recognition, which is then visible along with their sample essay in the ‘view writers’ area of the site.

Q. Do you have any ESL writers working on the site?

A. This is a common question, and the nice thing about our review process is it helps us easily spot ESL writing. Where an ESL writer may make it through the grammar exam, the essays are another story. Writing essays is where real skill needs to come into play, and an ESL writer has much difficulty in this area. Therefore, ESL writers, if they do exist on the site, actually have a strong enough command of English their writing doesn’t reflect it.

If you would still like to see samples you can visit the following links:
The NAA Blog
NAA Direct Ordering (or test our writers)

“How can I be assured your writers can write good quality content?” We test and give writers exams here at NAA before we hire them and before they can work for you in the members area. We present the results of these exams as well as providing a rating system for writers. We also Professionally Proofread and edit every piece of content BEFORE it reaches your hands to insure it’s quality.

“Does NAA use proofreaders and editors?” Yes we have proofreaders/editors making sure your content is of the best quality before it’s even available for you to see.

“Can a writer sell the same article to several clients?” No, our writers cannot provide an article to you of which they have previously submitted to another client, this is not allowed, all content created here at NAA must be completely unique to the requests of you the client. We use a premium service called to make sure content is not plagiarized from other sources and that your content is 100% unique.

“Do your writers use software to write content?” If by “software” you mean content generators or spinners the answer is NO. When requesting unique content our writers cannot use software to create it. Writers however may use their favorite text editing programs such as Office. Software such as content spinners come into play only when you request Spinning Services through the appropriate job forms.

“Do you check content for duplication and plagiarism?” Yes! We check to see if your content is indeed 100% unique and that it has not been copied from other sources online. We do this by using a premium service called, with the powerful tools provide by Copyscape we can easily check the entire web for any traces of similarity and outright plagiarism. These quality checks are done all BEFORE you can accept and download your content.

Any writer caught plagiarizing content is automatically banned from the site.

“What type of content and writing can I order at NAA?” Anything you need! From home and garden to health and fitness NAA has the capacity to provide you with unique content. Our writers are educated in many areas and can provide you with the expert content you need to grow your website into an authority. There are some areas however, in which we do not write about; mostly these areas are adult in nature. For a complete explanation see our TOS-TOU page here: TOS-TOU Page

“Does NAA offer SEO services?” Yes, we do offer SEO services, and we are creating various package options that will be for sale soon for our members.

Until we offer these packages intuitively inside the members’ area, and you would like to arrange for a quote please create a ticket HERE to inquire.

Here is a list of areas that we are proficient in:

On-page Optimization
Keyword Research
Title Tag Optimization
Robots.txt Optimization
W3c Validation
Working on HTML Source Code
Image & Hyperlink Optimization
Header Tag Optimization
PageRank Sculpting
Sitemap build

Local Search Website Optimization
Local Search Engine Submission
Customer Review Submission
hCard Integration
Updating Pages for Local Search

Website Usability & Conversion
Website Audits
Customer Report on Web Usability & Conversion
Monthly Website Conversions Tracking
Updating Pages for Local Search

Link Development
Manual Link Requests to Related Sites
Guaranteed High Pr Links
Link Wheels
Hub Pages/Squidoo Lenses
One Way Links from Directory Submissions

Other Activities
PowerPoint Presentation
Google, Yahoo & MSN Sitemap Creation
Google Base Feeds
Media Kits
Banner Exchange
Logo Design
Banner Design

Content Optimization
Website Content Writing
Blog Writing
Article Writing
Press Release Writing

Facebook & Twitter-Social Marketing
Facebook Fan Page & Twitter Account Creation
Profile Content Writing
Total Fans + Followers
Content for Postings and Tweets
Total Postings / Tweets
Custom Twitter Background
Facebook Photo Album
Facebook Video Uploads
Facebook FBML Page
Replying / ReTweeting (Networking)
Facebook Quiz / Polls (third party application)
Redgage Accounts
Wooxie Posts

Web 2.0 and Social Media Optimization
Social Bookmarking
Blog Submission
Press Release Submission
Article Submission
PowerPoint Presentation Submission
Video Submission
Photo Sharing
RSS Feeds

Google Analytics (Statistics)
Current Performance
Monthly SEO Report
“What is the usual turn around of articles at NAA?” Depending on the amount of research and the level of quality you select in your order; turn around times may vary. We do however have expedite options available in our ordering system so that you can have content written in as little as a few hours.

See here for an explanation of expedite options:
Expedite Options
“Can writers do the research for me?” Yes our writers can and will do research for your content requests. Depending on what skill level you choose for the request; the appropriate amount of research is applied.

Research Levels and Cents Per Word Pricing:
$0.0129 – Essential Skill Nominal research
$0.02 – Better Skill Mild research
$0.03 – High Skill Moderate research
$0.05 – Exceptional Skill More research

NAA Pricing Page

“Can I create a list of favorite writers and keep using them?” Absolutely, NAA has options available in the members area that allow you to favorite writers so that you can hire them directly. We encourage communication throughout the writing process.

“Can I communicate with the writers here at NAA?” Yes, you can send messages to NAA-Writers through our message system. Communicate with your writer throughout the content creation process.
“Is there a rating system for writers?” Yes, our rating system is based on the writing exams that we issue out to writers that want to write for specific topics such as Home/Garden. The results of these exams are shown in the members area, you can even read the content that the writer submitted to NAA to be rated.

“Do I own the copyright on the content I buy?” Yes, all the content that you pay for and receive back as a result of using, becomes your material.

“How do I manage my articles and writers?” NAA has a Manage Projects page that allows you to manage created folders for requests and apply filters to better display and manage all your article requests.

From the Manage Projects page you can see your requests’ Title and Status, Creation/Completed dates, see Messages pertaining to specific requests, see the Writers associated with specific requests, and more.

“Can I request for revisions to be made?” Yes, if you need to have changes made to a text, use the revisions option in any completed request. You can communicate with your writer throughout the revision process.

Q. What if I am not happy with the text after the revision has been made?

A. In the event that a revision was not sufficient to your likening, you are certainly at liberty to request another revision. This is why we allow up to three. Keep in mind that you have up to 72 hrs to use an additional revision from the time the previous one has been addressed.

Q. How many days do I have to request a revision once my request is completed?

A. You have up to 15 days to use the revision feature. After which, it will expire and the request will move to the ‘accepted’ status.

“How do I pay for content?” By funding your account with “credits”, adding Credit to your account is simple, just click the Add Credit link or navigate to: Account > Add Credit. You can pay with PayPal or Credit Card.

We offer a 30 day, no quarrel refund policy on credits added to the site. After which, we do not issue refunds.

Q. What if I cancel and have credits left over?

A. We do allow inactive accounts to be reactivated and any unused credits to be applied to future requests. Reactivating is as simple as using the same email you used when you initially registered.

Q. Can credits in my account be applied toward my membership?

A. Yes, we recently developed this feature into the site where you can create an internal subscription using existing funds in your account.

“How do I get a refund?” As stated in our TOS:

Q. How do I get a refund on: credit balances

A. We will initiate a refund up to 30 days from the time of your transaction. After which, we do not initiate refunds. Please note! This policy is posted on the add credit page under a link labeled: Refund policy. Please read this policy before adding any credit to your account.

Common follow up question:

Q. Does this mean I lose my balance if I cancel my account?

A. No. You can return at anytime in the future and recover your account by re-registering with the email associated with your account. This will pull your account up with all balances and past activity intact.

Q. How do I get a refund on: the membership fee

A. Only upon non-usage of NAA, we will initiate a refund within 7 days of registration. After which, we do not initiate refunds whether you have used NAA (Need An Article) or not
Are there videos or tutorials on using the site?” Yes. From inside the Help & FAQ areas you can view detailed instructions on how to use the site. If you don’t see a topic that readily addresses your question, try using the ‘Search help topics’ box. Plus we’re always here to help at the NAA Help Desk.
“How do I cancel or put my account on hold?” If your subscription is set up through Paypal you can easily log into Paypal and search for the subscription using NAA’s Paypal payment email: and choose to end your subscription. (Note, we do not offer customer support through this email)

If your subscription is through our new billing system, simply log into your account and navigate to Account -> Modify account and follow the instructions on the page.

If you need help you can submit a support ticket here:
Submit a Ticket
“How do I reactivate/recover my account?” Follow these directions:

Returning subscribers please note: If you are a returning subscriber and would like to retrieve your account, simply use the same email that you had used when you registered. If you are unsure what email you used, please Contact Support.

“How can I apply for a writing position?” Currently, we have capped how many writers we let join our team. However, positions can open up on a moment’s notice, so please feel free to get on our contact list:
Write For US

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