How to Get a Fair and Balanced Product Review

Product reviews are effective tools to use to get consumers to purchase products. However, the reviews must be written in a believable manner. This means that both positive and negative things on each product should be written. Typically, no products are perfect; there are always ways the products can be improved. Let us look at all the things that should be included in a fair and balanced product review.


Any review needs to start with a description of the product. Make sure it has what service it provides the consumer. This introduces the reader to the product.


It is best to mention all pertinent features the product offers or as many as possible. As you order the review written, tell the writer to assume the reader knows nothing about the product. This will help to inform all the readers more fully of the features the product has.


Ask the writer to list all the materials the product is made from. This lets the reader know its durability. Whether it is stainless steel, plastic or other materials, it is important that this be reported to the reader.


Next, have the writer list all the good points of the product. If it is an improvement on an older model, this fact should also be included. Anything that is positive about the product could lead the buyer to purchase the item. However, remember this is supposed to be a fair and balanced review, so it cannot be all positives.


Ask the writer to honestly report any negatives about the product, no matter how small or large. This will help the consumer know if there are any risks involved in purchasing the product. Having the bad points added to the review makes it more balanced and more believable.

Places to Buy and Prices

Request that the writer help the consumer know where to find the product and what the latest price is that he/she will have to pay for the item.


Have the writer end the review with a conclusion that is neither positive nor negative. Allow the reader to make up his or her own mind if they want to buy it. Just have the author wrap by saying that the review should help the reader know who the product is right for.

If you follow all the steps above when ordering your reviews, all your products reviews will be fair and balanced. This will help you get the reviews accepted easier in many venues.

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