Facebook Marketing – Setting Up A Facebook Business Page

Since people spend a huge amount of time on Facebook, businesses should take advantage of the marketing opportunities Facebook offers. To get your Facebook marketing campaign started, you need to set up a business page.

Having your own business page will increase your visibility, and once set up you can use the various marketing options to make that business page work for you.

If you don’t know where to begin, use the following step by step instructions to get started.

Create the Page

Visit www.facebook.com/pages/create.php to begin creating a Facebook business page. The following are among the page options:

–          Local Business or Place

–          Artist, Band or Public Figure

–          Company, Organization or Institution

–          Entertainment

–          Brand or Product

–          Cause or Community

Choose the category that is the best match for your business. Once you’ve answered the questions, you’ll be sent to a page template where you can customize your page further. Add a profile picture, set up other administrators, etc. , etc.

Use the Info Tab

Once you’ve completed the basics, use the info tab, which is like an “About Page.” It enables you to enter details about your business, who you are and the products/services you offer. Once you’ve filled in the info tab, set it as the default page until you get going with your marketing campaign. That way when people visit your Facebook business page, they can quickly find out who you are and what you offer.

Check Privacy Settings

After creating the page, check the privacy settings. These settings enable you to decide on the information you want to share and with whom you want to share it. Since your goal is marketing, make as much information public as you can so information is picked up by the search engines.

Adding Tabs and Using Apps

While setting up your page, customize it with additional tabs or by using available apps. For example, create a tab and add your Twitter feed to your Facebook page or create one that enables you to import posts from your company’s blog.

In the applications directory, you can find a variety of apps to help with the customization of your page. Using apps enables you to offer coupons, create pools, add content and even add videos.

Tell Your Friends About Your Page

When your page is ready, ask friends to “like” it. Getting people to “like” your page and become fans is an important part of your Facebook marketing strategy. After 25 fans like your page, you can set up a vanity URL. As people like your page, ask them to share the page with their friends, thereby increasing fan numbers, and increasing the reach and visibility of your new Facebook business page.

A business page is an essential building block in Facebook marketing. Use these steps to create your FB business page. Check back soon for more information on using Facebook to market your business.

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