Facebook Marketing – Secrets to Increasing The Number of Fans Part 1

How To Increase Facebook Fans

Once you have launched your Facebook marketing campaign and created a business page, it’s time to work on increasing the number of fans on your page.

Fans won’t magically appear. It takes a bit of work to get Facebook users to “like” your page but increasing the number of fans helps you reach a larger audience with your marketing efforts.

Use these secrets to improve your exposure and gain new fans.

Secret #1 – Add the Facebook Fan Box to Your Website

Adding the Facebook plugin – Fan Box – to your business website is one of the most useful things you can do to increase your fan numbers.

The plug-in includes code that can be copied and inserted onto your website or even into your blog. It enables visitors to the website or blog to easily “like” your page on Facebook. It takes just minutes to get and insert the code.

Secret #2 – Consider Using Paid Facebook Ads

Another way to increase fan numbers on Facebook is to use paid ads. These ads target users who are likely to become fans. Use Facebook’s Advertising Wizard to quickly create and put up an ad.

While you’re logged in take a bit of time to check the high profile ads on Facebook. Check out the number of fans each advertiser has and you’ll get an idea of how effective those ads can be. Focus on creating a paid ad that will attract your target audience.

Secret #3 – Connect to Other Social Networking Sites

While Facebook marketing has a lot to offer, it’s important to include other social networking sites as a part of your marketing plan. If you’re working on other social media sites, connect them to FB to increase your fan numbers. This enables you to convert followers on other sites to fans on Facebook.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites can easily be connected. It’s possible to post on Facebook and have those posts go out on Twitter. If you’re working on your Pinterest marketing campaign, connecting accounts enables you to post Pinterest activity to your Facebook account as well.

These FB marketing tips will help grow your fan base and we’ll have more tips in Part 2 of Increasing The Number of Facebook Fans, so check back for this useful information.

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