Facebook Marketing – Secrets to Increasing The Number of Facebook Fans Part 2

In the previous Facebook marketing post, we talked about ways you can increase your Facebook fans. While you may have already used some of these tips, we have more great tips to help you gain more fans for your Facebook business page.

Secret #4 – Invite Current Email Subscribers

Consider inviting your current email subscribers to your Facebook business page if you already have an opt-in list. Use creative text such as “Join our Facebook page” or “Write on our wall” to encourage these subscribers to become new fans. Don’t be timid, you can invite subscribers several times, in fact, offer them an incentive to become fans.

Secret #5 – Include a Link in Your Email Signature

More than likely you send quite a few emails daily. Use those emails to help you build your Facebook fans. You can add a link to your Facebook business page in the signature block at the end of your email. Set this up once and every email you send will offer this information.

Secret #6 – Hold a Contest

Contests are one of the most effective ways to increase the number of fans you have on Facebook. People are happy to “like” your page when they get entered into a competition, contest, free draw or sweepstake. Facebook apps are available to make it easy to hold a contest. Just make sure you’re aware of all Facebook guidelines concerning contests before going ahead with one.

Secret #7 – Create Targeted and Interesting Content

Creating targeted, interesting content regularly is among the best ways to bring in new Facebook fans. Not only can it help build your fan base, but it will also improve your Facebook marketing results. Quality content is critical to keep readers interested and liking your page.

When fans like something you posted, it becomes visible to all their friends, giving you greater exposure and increasing the chances of others seeing your posts and deciding to become fans. Current fans may also share your posts on their own walls or the wall of a friend, which could bring in additional fans.

Using these secrets will help you increase the number of fans you have on FB. Of course, with a bit of research and a little effort, you can find other methods to bring even more fans to your business page. As you build a bigger fan base, your Facebook marketing campaign will reach more people and provide even better results.

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