Facebook Marketing – Maximize Facebook Results with These Helpful SEO Tips

Maximize Facebook Results

Social media has a big effect on organic search results, which is why search engine optimization (SEO) is important to your Facebook marketing campaign, and any other social media campaign you may have in place.

Google and other search engines continue to experiment by bringing more social elements into their search results, thereby increasing the need for good SEO as a part of your social media marketing plan. Although it’s important to think of your community first when running a social media campaign, you also need to be aware of the best SEO practices.

Why Facebook SEO is So Important

Before looking at our SEO tips, we need to understand why SEO is so important to a successful Facebook marketing campaign. Although SEO can help get you results on mainstream search engines, using the new internal search features can be critical to your success within Facebook.

This search feature allows Facebook users to find content and pages posted during the last 30 days. Included in the searches are links, photos, updates, notes, videos and other shared content. Since Facebook has more than 100 million members logging in each day, marketers cannot afford to overlook this search facility when marketing on Facebook.

Search engines rarely index actual FB activity, so the internal search results should be carefully considered. Not only does the search option allow users to find friends’ posts and other activities, but they can also find content that is available to everyone. Commercial posts show up within these searches when optimized correctly – this offers you a huge opportunity.

Top SEO Tips

Once you understand how important SEO is to your marketing campaign, you need to start implementing it. Here are some tips that could prove helpful.

Tip #1 – Choose a Good Page Name

The name for your Facebook business page needs balance. While you don’t want to stuff it full of keywords thereby making it appear spammy, you also don’t want to choose a name that is overly generic. It’s a good idea to use your company name for your page. The name chosen should authentically represent your business.

After you have gained a certain number of fans, Facebook allows you to choose your own vanity URL, referred to as a “username”. Once again use your business name instead of stuffing the URL with generic keywords. Get the name of your business out there, you’ll have other opportunities to optimize with keywords.

Tip #2 – Optimize the “About” Text Box

Even if you have already entered text in the “About” box, you can edit it, and include keywords. The “About” box offers one of the few places where you can put a large chunk of text on your default wall tab, so it’s importance to make the most of this. You have 250 characters, so compose your text carefully, be informative and use important keywords here.

Check back soon for more SEO tips and strategies to improve the success of your Facebook marketing campaign.

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