Facebook Marketing – Maximize Facebook Results with More Helpful SEO Tips (Part 2)

Previously, we discussed the importance of SEO when running a Facebook marketing campaign. Implementing SEO tactics and strategies will help get better results with the top search engines while helping you rank well within Facebook’s own search engine.

We already mentioned helpful tips like choosing the right page name and optimizing your “About” text box.

To continue SEO success, here are several more tips to improve your marketing results.

Tip #3 – Optimize the Info Tab

When you create your business page, Facebook will create an “Info” tab that includes descriptive page metadata. Filling in all the fields under this tab is important, since this offers you the opportunity to include important links, keywords, etc. Fill in location data, including zip code, state and city as these can give you a boost in local searches. Include information on your products, company mission and overview for better results in product searches. Include direct links to your business website as well.

Tip #4 – Add Photos and Videos with Keyword-Dense Descriptions

Adding multimedia videos and photos is an excellent way to engage your followers. An SEO tip to remember is use keyword-dense descriptions and titles for your photos and videos. When you share this type of content, use all the available descriptive fields, and add important keywords to descriptions and file names.

Tip #5 – Contribute Regularly

Contributing on a regular basis is essential and is an important part of good SEO in general. Many of the search results displayed, especially on Facebook searches, are comprised of content from the last 30 days. Posting regularly is essential if you want to rank well in these results.

Tip #6 – Go Beyond Wall Posts

Go beyond simply adding optimized wall posts on your page. Adding keyword-optimized links, notes, updates and other content can boost your rankings. Using important keywords across the various types of content will make it easier for people to find you when searching for those keywords. Don’t get stuck using just one type of content. Keep in mind, users can search for links, notes, wall posts and updates or all post types when looking for specific Facebook content.

Tip #7 – Keep Content on-Topic

Lastly, keep content on-topic when working on your Facebook marketing. Whenever you add content, make sure it’s relevant to your niche. This improves the overall keyword density on your page, and helps get better rankings. It’s more difficult to achieve good rankings when you regularly go off-topic and post content that isn’t related to your business niche.

Good SEO is vital for boosting Facebook marketing success. Viral distribution may limit you to the fans on your page. However, making good use of these SEO tactics can help improve the exposure of your business page to the entire Facebook user base.

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  1. Hello Joy!

    Kudos for this well written post. I have to agree with you that adding multimedia such as videos and photos is a great way to engage our followers. For me, one of the best SEO tips to remember is to make sure that we use keyword dense descriptions and titles when adding photos as well as videos. Thank you very much for sharing this.

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