Facebook Marketing – The Power of Pictures

Since Facebook has switched to the Timeline format, marketing images have become even more important.

Visual orientation has only increased, making them very attractive to businesses involved in Facebook marketing. Not only do you have the capacity to post a profile photo, but you can also post a cover photo, create photo albums and post photos along with updates.

It’s important to learn how to use FB photos to your advantage, so maximize the power of your pictures with the following tips.

Use Candid Shots

To make the most of a photo on Facebook, try using candid photos instead of pictures that are too often sales-oriented and lukewarm. Remember, FB is an informal community, staged photos will look out of place. Fun, candid shots are much more likely to look interesting and help reach your fans on a personal level. Candid photos look genuine and friendly, making them more appealing in your marketing campaign.

Focus on People in the Picture

Facebook is all about people so make your photos focus on people and their faces. For example, post pictures of business employees having fun or people smiling while using your product or service. Adding people to your pictures helps show the personal side of the business and will really resonate with your fans.

Keep the Text Short

While it’s a good idea to add captions, questions or comments, keep that text brief. Since Facebook has a new improved visual focus too much text will get tedious for your fans. Keep things short and to the point to increase the appeal of each photo and you’ll probably get better user responses as well. Remember, pictures are worth a thousand words, you don’t have to restate what your picture is saying.

Post Pictures to Share

When using pictures as a part of your marketing campaign, make sure you post photos that can be shared. Pictures that are likeable, imaginative, unique and fun are more likely to be shared by your fans with their friends, therefore giving your business greater exposure and increased user engagement.

Creatively use your images to show how your brand/product/service can be enjoyed. Get fans involved by asking questions, making comments or adding a funny caption to the picture.

Market your brand by using Facebook photos to produce an engaging and exciting impression of your company or product.

Keep these tips in mind and make the most of every photo you post on your FB business page. Check back soon for more helpful Facebook marketing strategies.

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