Facebook Marketing – Advanced Marketing Strategies that Provide Results

Advanced Marketing Strategies

In previous posts on Facebook marketing, we’ve covered some of the essential tips and strategies for getting your marketing campaign off the ground.

Once you have your Facebook business page set up, learn every strategy you can to make your marketing results a success. After you go through the basics of setting up your page, build a list of fans and work on getting results.

Now, it’s time to move onto more advanced marketing strategies. Thousands of Facebook apps are available and many of them are specifically designed for marketing. Making good use of these apps will take your Facebook marketing campaign to the next level.

Strategy #1 – Add Your Blog Content to Facebook

If you’re already using a blog for marketing purposes, consider adding your blog content to Facebook. You’ll make the most of every post by reaching out to those Facebook fans who may not actually visit your blog regularly.

One of the apps that could help is dlvr.it. This routes your blog’s RSS feed to Facebook, posting it as a wall post on your business page. It also includes a link back to your original post. Another app you can use to accomplish this is NetworkedBlogs. They offer more features, and the app creates a replica of your blog’s index page on your business page. New blog entries result in a wall post and a link to the entry.

Strategy #2 – Incorporate Your YouTube Channel

Another of the advanced strategies that can boost your marketing results is incorporating a YouTube channel onto your FB business page. Several Facebook apps allow you to add the YouTube channel as a tab on your page. You could then showcase your products with online videos.

Three top options to consider using are NorthSocial, Best YouTube Channel for Pages and Involver.

Strategy #3 – Build Your Mailing List

You can also build your email list with your Facebook business page. ConstantContact and MailChimp are two email providers that have apps enabling Facebook fans to sign up for your emails from your business page. Even if you don’t use either of these email providers, you can use apps like Appbistro on your Facebook page to help you gather email addresses with a contact form.

While this is only a small sample of the advanced marketing strategies that can be used to make the most of your business page, more Facebook apps are being created all the time. Do a little research and you’ll find lots of apps that will help increase your marketing results.

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