Facebook Engagement 1 – Exciting Strategies to Help You Increase Fan Engagement

Many businesses are learning the most effective tactics for engaging their Facebook fans. Regular activity on your Facebook business page won’t pay off without continually keeping fans interested and involved.

Once you increase fan activity, you’ll increase traffic to your business website, with the corresponding increase in page visibility and marketing opportunities. If you’re not sure how to begin, here are some tactics to start using.

Strategy #1 – Focus on Fans with Updates

Every update on your FB page needs to focus on getting people as new fans and involving them in conversations and other activities on the page. Many business pages make the mistake of repeatedly posting the same updates, this will not give you the results you want. Repetitive posting becomes extremely annoying to fans and soon your fans are ignoring your posts altogether.

Pay attention to EdgeRank when posting updates. What is EdgeRank? This is an algorithm used by Facebook to decide the importance of an update. A post or update that receives lots of comments has a higher EdgeRank which then puts that post higher in the Facebook news feeds, and gets it seen by more people.

Work to tailor your posts and updates so fans get commenting. Do this by asking for advice, asking questions, getting opinions or perhaps, asking for their stories. Since comments are likely to get your posts shown in better positions on news feeds, you’ll also increase the likelihood of other fans interacting on your page.

Strategy #2 – Make Everything Shareable

Facebook is all about sharing and to successfully increase fan engagement make all your posted content shareable. Include a share button with your content, thereby encouraging fans to re-post that content. Having a facility to share content will encourage people to share it with their friends, and give your page more exposure. If your content isn’t shareable, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Strategy #3 – Quality Over Quantity

Increasing engagement is all about creating content that revolves around your fans and posting to your business page regularly is important. However, studies show that quality wins over quantity every time. Posting a couple of times a day will help increase “like” and “comment” rates, but posting too much will lower the rate of fan interaction. Fans don’t like being bombarded with content – it feels like spam. Go with one or two quality posts each day and fans are more likely to engage with your page.

Be sure to check back soon for more strategies and tactics that will help increase boost your Facebook marketing results.

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