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  • The Benefits of Blogging – Top 5 Reasons Your Website Needs an Active Blog

    Are you trying to increase the visibility of your website?

    If so, you should consider creating a blog for your site.

    Do you already have a blog?

    If so, it’s a good idea to start making the effort to maintain that blog.

    The benefits of blogging are numerous and make it well worth the effort on your part. If your website doesn’t have a blog or you’ve allowed your blog to fall by the wayside, here are just a few important reasons that your website needs to have an active blog.

    Reason #1 – Build Inbound Links Quickly

    One of the most powerful benefits of blogging is that it allows you to build inbound links quickly. To get this result, your blog must feature content that people want to read and share with others.

    The links that you’ll gain with your blog are deep links that don’t just point to your websites homepage. As people link to your blog posts, you’ll distribute your “link juice” more evenly, helping you to get more of your website indexed by search engines.

    Reason #2 – Start Building Relationships

    Blog posts offer you a great way to start building relationships. You may have some of the demographic information on the people visiting your site and buying your services or products. However, do you really know who they are?

    People who read your blogs will probably be your most loyal customers. As you learn more about them, you can use that information to find more customers.

    Having a blog for your website also allows you to create a dialogue with the customers. This allows you to keep communication flowing between you and your customers. Build good relationships and you’ll build customer loyalty as well, which means more profit for you.

    Reason #3 – Generate Leads

    Another reason your website needs an active website is to generate leads. This is one of the big benefits of blogging.

    Studies show that those who create at least 20 blog posts each month see up to four times more leads than companies that do not have a blog.

    When people visit your blog, they want to find answers. Providing them with answers will put your website in their mind when they are ready to buy.

    Reason #4 – Boost Search Engine Rankings with Fresh Content

    Blogs offer you the perfect way to boost search engine rankings. Search engine spiders feed on fresh content. Many websites are static and rarely need to change content.

    Having blog that is updated on a regular basis will provide search engines with content that is fresh and keyword-rich. This leads to higher rankings as well as big increases in website traffic.

    Reason #5 – Build Credibility and Reputation

    Last, you need a blog because it helps you to build credibility and a good reputation online. Your blog allows you to offer information to potential customers without having to hard sell. This boosts your credibility with them.

    Visitors may bookmark your site so they can come back for good information. When they’re ready to make a decision, chances are that they’ll remember you.

    Now that you understand the benefits of blogging, get out there and start up a good blog on your website. Starting up a blog isn’t difficult at all.

    If you don’t want to write the blog posts yourself, you can buy articles here at Need An Article. If you’re ready to get started, NAA has many writers that specialize in creating blog posts that will get you on your way to enjoying all the benefits that blogging has to offer.

  • WordPress Training-A Wise Investment

    In the early days of the web and websites online, most of us found a webmaster and we hoped they would give us what we wanted for the payment we rendered.

    The reality is that it didn’t always work out the way we’d planned. Quite often, the website we received wasn’t the one we wanted and didn’t really work for us in the way we hoped it would.

    SEO training was really non-existent and self-building of websites also was not yet the trend. Today, fortunately, that has changed.

    Enter WordPress, the CMS and Blog Software

    The ability to get your own WordPress website off the ground exists in nearly every aspect of the internet and you can build skillfully with just a small amount of website building or WordPress Training. HTML websites are simply not friendly to the search engines. They are often difficult to use and the means to create those things you want from them is more difficult.

    WordPress permits you, with a little WordPress training, to manipulate your own site and get precisely what you want from your business or personal site. The low learning curve of WordPresss means that you can have your small business or your personal site online in no time at all.

    WordPress Training

    Investing in a good course for WordPress training is a wise move no matter what you will be using your WordPress website to accomplish. WordPress sites are fast and easy to use, and are search engine friendly. With WordPress training, you can learn to develop WordPress sites for others and add to your income.

    Most WordPress training courses online are single classes that go over the main or basic workings of the WordPress and may or may not offer you a booklet or a video to assist you. Some will use shared screen functions such as Go-To-Meeting to assist you in picking up the basics of WordPress.

    Nearly all of them will give you the all-important portions of WordPress in the WordPress training, such as how to install it manually or using Fantastico, how to add the plug-ins and which are the best plug-ins to use to add basic functions such as SEO to the WordPress website.

    When selecting your WordPress training, try to choose a course featuring either video or e-books that will permit you to have something you can keep and have to refer to over the course of your learning process. Once your WordPress training course is completed, in many cases, you don’t have reference materials and you should have.

    Ideally, any WordPress training course you will take or buy will include an often forgotten section on htaccess and hardening WordPress so the sites you will build over time are well secured and easily maintained.

    WordPress blog and CMS software will be a wise choice to use for your business or your personal website. Getting some good WordPress training means you will not need to rely on others to make the changes to your website that will be required as your business grows and thrives.

    Get Your WordPress and CMS Sites Made With NAA

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  • Struggling to Make Money from Your Site?

    Website Assassins Could be the Problem!

    Do you have the latest and greatest gadget? Did you take the time to build the better mousetrap, sure that the masses would indeed come? Perhaps you have put together a beautiful website that is easy to navigate and offers a much-needed product or service and still your website is barely turning a profit. Did you know there are some surefire website assassins out there that will practically guarantee visitors will turn away in droves? Even if you have hired all of your web design and content creation out to “professionals,” these are things you must watch for.


    It would seem to go without saying that a professional website should contain proper spelling. The problem is many times a writer does not speak English as a first language or they are simply to lazy to employ spell check.  It might seem like nitpicking, but if you expect people to trust you with their hard-earned money, proper spelling and grammar usage is imperative. Remember, building a customer base is not all about the product or service you offer, it is about trust.

    Broken Links

    How many times have you visited a site and followed a broken link? This is where you click on a link and get the dreaded “error” or “sorry this page cannot be found”. Let me ask you one question, do you return to that website often if ever? A broken link here or there might be forgiven if you have a killer website, but if it happens often, your visitors will leave, never to return or spend a dime! Check your links periodically to ensure this website assassin does not strike your business.

    Poor Design

    Creating a website is not rocket science; however, it is not a simple color by number project either. A good website will be:

    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Simple to Navigate
    • Appropriately Professional

    Does this mean a website cannot be fun? Of course not, but you should let the subject of the site guide color choice, graphics and basic layout. For example, a website promoting party balloons would look fantastic with bright neon colors and fun graphics; on the other hand, a professional housing contractor should probably use more sedate color choices. If your site looks like it was designed by a ten year old, your traffic is not going to convert well!

    Final Thoughts

    As you can probably guess, this is not a comprehensive analysis of everything that can go wrong with a website. In order to be successful and better yet, profitable, you need search engine optimization (SEO), promotion, links and backlinks as well as a host of other components. However, if you feel you have all of the above and more but you are still lacking traffic or conversions, it could be anyone of the problems listed above. The moral of this story? Use professionals to create your website and then check their work periodically!

  • Helping to Keep Your Website Secure

    By: [google_authorship]

    Website hosting is when you make your own website accessible to other people through the Internet. When you have your own website, it is imperative that you keep it as secure as possible. These days, the Internet is rife with malicious dangers of all kinds, which can adversely and seriously affect the running of your own website. Site security deals with making sure that your website is protected as much as it possibly can be from these external threats.

    Website hosting is made more challenging by the prevalence of all these threats. However, there are some simple and common sense measures that you can take to ensure that your site security is solid.

    One of the simplest ways of keeping your website secure is by not sharing your log-in details with anyone. Giving this information out to anyone else besides only you and maybe one or two other people who absolutely have to know this information for work on your site is risky and not advisable. This straightforward piece of advice can go a long way in protecting the integrity of the security of your website.

    Adding plugins to WordPress is another simple but effective strategy for keeping your website secure and also making your website hosting a lot easier. These plugins are software pieces that help add functionality to WordPress’ blogging platform. As a result, they have the effect of also increasing the security of your website.

    Regularly updating your software is an oft-repeated piece of advice that many people hear, and with good reason. Regularly updating your software—such as your anti-virus protection program—ensures that any new threats and viruses are recognized by your software. Consequently, if such external threats should attack your website, your software is able to detect them and prevent them from doing damage to your website.

    Hackers are a threat to site security and have been for the longest time. Using a firewall to protect against these hackers by shielding your website is a smart and necessary precaution. The purpose of a firewall is to disallow unauthorized access to your website. It accomplishes this by way of denying network transmissions based on a predetermined set of rules.

    Website hosting is made tougher due to all the threats that exist on the Internet. With the right precautions and strategies like the ones outlined above, you can still host your website, but do so securely.

    NAA Now offers Hosting.

    Visit us at NAA HUB

  • WordPress Business Website Templates – NAA Installations

    Achieving your website using WordPress and privately owned hosting can be done in a relatively short amount of time. Your small business WordPress website can be installed and configured for you by Need An Article™.

    What if you’re not someone how has a large business budget and really can’t afford the higher priced website themes that you see for sale? Premium themes can be costly, but there are those which are lower in price and even some business website themes which are free for the users. Need an Article WordPress designers are experts in the best free business themes to help you to lower the cost of your small business website.

    Finding business website templates is very often as easily accomplished as taking a walk through Google and finding websites which offer premium and free business website templates for your use. Multiple such sites exist, offering premium business website templates free of charge as well as for reasonable pricing. There are a few tips to bear in mind when you are considering which will be the best business website templates for your use and for that of your business.

    Some small business website templates are free of charge, and will be the best option that you can use. Typically these types of themes look sleek and clean and are ready to give you an optimal website. That is, until you arrive at the bottom of the website template. In many cases the free website templates that you get for your business website template will be perfection, but in most cases you’re going to find that you will pay for that template in some ways. Your Need an Article WordPress designer is paying attention to that small detail.

    What we mean about paying for your template in another way is that the lower portion of the website will be giving out links and those links are encoded using coding that does not permit you to remove them. If you do so, the website template will no longer be functional. In some cases, using the links may be acceptable, but your NAA  website designers will double check to be sure that once your free business website theme is installed, the links do not point  to items which may cause your business to lose face with customers or with the Google or Bing search engines.

    Several truly outstanding websites exist to offer you both free and premium templates that may range in price from low costs such as 20 dollars, up to several hundred. These free themes are often premium and look it in every way, but you will need to take care to assure that is true. or has a great selection of free themes that are available from designers and users of WordPress. These templates are donated and most will be free of charge. Downloading your themes from WordPress or any reputable designer or website will assure that you’re not stuck with links to third parties that are paying your theme builder.

    Just a few of the most popular WordPress website business themes include:


    *One Theme



    Several of these themes are free of charge website business themes that do not require footer links from them in order to use them. If you object to footer links, or you have a free theme that you would particularly like used, please advise your Need an Article WordPress Designer.

    Get Your WordPress Website Today!
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  • When Looking For A Reliable Hosting Provider

    Dear NAA client –

    The support desk is back, but we were run through the ringer!

    First, you may notice that the help desk is now reflecting a different URL:

    We had to move the help desk because the hosting provider was on the verge of going out of business.

    The really bizarre part of it was they didn’t bother informing anyone they were going to jump ship and leave everyone prone to complete loss of data once the server went offline.

    They simply carried on like everything was peachy, billed you at the 1st of the month, and then completely flipped the switch on the server 14 days later.
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