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  • Content Marketing Can Help to Grow Your Business

    Most of us–particularly since the global recession– have seen our income shrink and our bills expand. We need to make a little extra money in a big way.. In many cases small businesses did not survive the long recession and the slow recovery that is still underway.

    Ask yourself as a marketer and a business person… How’s business? Can you answer that you’ve achieved the growth that you wanted to achieve and you’re doing all that you wanted to be doing now? When is the last time that you added new content to your site? What kind of website content have you added? How current is it and how well written? Need an Article can help with the content marketing that you need to be doing.

    If you’re like most of us, the truth is that you haven’t given your website the attention it deserves and it hasn’t grown and expanded the way that you wanted to by now. You’re being held up by small growth, a bad economy and in some cases by your own insecurity and your lack of knowledge about how to move your business forward. Content marketing can help to grow your business.

    In many cases you’ve tried a few things and they haven’t worked out well for you so that stalled you in your tracks. Now you’re ready to move forward but you’re not entirely sure how to get started. We can help you to take those first steps using content marketing to confidently move forward into a more successful and more lucrative future.

    If you’re marketing online today and you’re not entirely certain that you’ve got the right formula to make your business stand out from the crowd, you’ve come to the right place. NAA has you covered.

    Seeking marketing tips, ideas and resources to help you to make the most of your online business. . . or even to start one? We’re here to help.

  • Content Writing and Article Marketing-Seasonal Trends

    By: [google_authorship]

    While we all hear a great deal about marketing what’s and how’s, we don’t hear a great deal about the when’s of the entire website marketing and website content that we’re using.

    Hi! I’m Macbeth, a writer for Need an Article. Marketing is a hobby, as well as SEO. I’ve worked in the field for more than ten years.

    Here’s what I’ve learned from that time–

    Despite all that we read and hear, marketing is so much more than just good content and good website SEO. It’s timing—and your timing is crucial to the success of your campaigns.

    Consider your own thought processes. During May, you’re not overly concerned with holiday shopping for Christmas but as soon as the kids go back to school and the weather begins to cool off, those first bites of frost and the scent of the falling leaves touch you, you begin to think about the upcoming Christmas season and with it, the items that you will want to purchase.
    So does the average shopper. When you begin to think of those seasonal trends in marketing, your website readers are also thinking about them.

    July sees us all a little concerned with outdoor activities such as grilling, while fall brings thoughts of winterizing our homes. February means we’re tired of the wintertime so we begin to consider our gardening plans and to work on looking for new seeds and bulbs, new ways to grow for the year.

    Your website needs to take advantage of those very human trends in marketing. To accomplish that, really watch the next time that your articles go up on your website.

    Did you know that when they do get put up on your website, they will go upward in rank in the search engines, slowly go downward and finally choose a place to settle. All of that movement takes a bit of time. Generally about 5 days to 2 weeks to get where they are going to be and for you to evaluate how well they are going to do for you.

    If you’re waiting til a week before the Christmas season, or the Thanksgiving season, chances are that the folks who put their articles up in mid October are seeing the traffic and the new customers who could have been yours.

    Don’t wait until you see others dropping in Christmas or Halloween items, get your own written two weeks earlier. When you don’t see a single one–that’s when you want to begin having yours written and to slowly drip them onto your website.

    Ordering your articles and putting them into the website about three weeks before a seasonal trend will begin is your best bet for having an edge on your website competition. The articles that go up and have time to settle into place before the holiday, or whatever you are targeting, are the ones that have time  to start to rank before your competition and to give you a great new traffic pull onto your website- and great new sales..

    How many of us see that, a few weeks ahead of time and say.. hm.. I really think like that that.. Don’t follow the crowd when it comes to getting your articles up, be a trend setter. Pay attention to what you’re thinking about and what others are talking about and then generate items based on that.

    Common sense is one of the very best marketing tools you will ever use.