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  • Who’s Really Making it Online?

    The answer to that question is, nearly everyone. People from all walks of life are making money. Older Americans, teenagers, stay-at-home moms, retired business owners and even small companies in Africa, and individuals who have an idea and a good way to present it.

    Shockingly, during what was a marked economic downturn for many countries, the United States included, with jobs lost and hours cut, the internet seemed to be functioning at peak capacity.

    A few jobs were lost, a few sites went under. Notably, the very small ones who didn’t take the time or the bother to learn SEO tactics or hire someone to drive traffic or learn more about the best way to market their products and services are the ones which are no longer here?

    Did the people who succeeded have some magic formula they used In all honesty, no, they didn’t have anything more than common sense and patience, as well as drive that took them forward,..

    Why did they succeed and how did they accomplish what so many other people before them don’t seem to be able to? During a time that was less economically sound for everyone, many of these people doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled their Adsense or their online income.

    How did they accomplish that?

    Did they hire traffic, use Solo Ads, pay someone to do their traffic driving and other things? The answer to most of those questions is “No!” Most of these people did not have a lot to start with, began with some simple skills and honed them.

    They took the time and the energy to learn what they needed to get ahead online. Most of them started from scratch and worked from 1 or 2 dollars a month to get where they wanted to be. Was it luck? Typically, no. Was it skill? Again, not always. Many of these people…

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  • Buying Article Writers For a Dime a Dozen

    Extra! Extra! Read all about it… you can now buy articles CHEAPLY! From a myriad of writers.

    But is it a good business decision to go cheap? “What about the quality?” You might ask. Yes, exactly! Quality is what counts, right? For you, maybe! But for the person you’ve hired to write for cheap prices, this is not always the case.

    The best way–the most correct way to have your articles written is to use language designed to make complex subjects easier to understand rather than make the article seem more complex than it really is. Making complicated subjects easy for your readers to absorb improves the user experience on your website.

    • Use writers who are well known and easy to find online. Typically, article writing services or writers who have provably been in the business for several years will be your best place to buy website content.
    • The SEO and the keywords should fit naturally or fall naturally into place. They should not appear to be forced into the article. They should seem to flow without any real effort. More than this, don’t choke your articles full of keywords. Your customers are going to notice and more, the search engines are going to notice and throw a penalty for keyword stuffing. More than two percent these days is just too much.

    SEO writing is an art in and of itself. You can buy articles from literally anywhere at all. That doesn’t mean you can by good articles from everywhere.

    Everyone and their brother will encourage you to get your website content from them. The fact is  that you’re going to be best served getting them from companies or individuals who have been in the business of SEO writing for at least two or three years.

    The older writers in these companies are the ones who can give you that kind of flow. They know the best way to make your keywords fit without making them sound forced and they know their articles need to entertain the reader as well as to sell the product.

    When you get website articles from companies who have been online for a while, you’re assured that their writers and their staff are in the know about what you’re looking for. New writers are cropping up at an astonishing rate. Many of them will tell you how expert they are at SEO writing. The reality is that you’re going to find they simply aren’t all they tell you. The writers who have been online and in the business for a while are people who have learned SEO and marketing practices over the course of time.

    Just some food for thought.

    Need An Article has the experience to meet your content demands. It’s what we do day in and day out – and have been for 10+ years.

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  • Use News Articles to Overwhelm your website with Traffic and Faster Indexing

    Owning a website involves countless hours of work, especially if you’re new to the online business world. The goal is to be more efficient with your time and even outsource a lot of the work. If you try to do everything on your own, it could take years to see an ample amount of traffic or high rankings in the search engines. One of the best ways to do both is by utilizing news articles.

    Search engines like Google and Yahoo offer their own areas for news articles. Over the years, it has become one of the main staples for building traffic to your site and getting indexed faster. NAA understands the importance of timely content and can deliver up-to-date subject matter to help you build your online business.

    In order to get a better feel for what Google News and Yahoo News can offer you; here are a few benefits that will soon follow:

    • Lightning-Fast Indexing- When NAA produces news articles for your content purposes, Google News includes it and it gets indexed almost at the same time. This means that you could literally see an increase of traffic to your site almost immediately.
    • The Expert Appeal- While article marketing sites like Ezines and eHow can give you an “Expert” status after spending time on their website, articles that are listed in the news section of Google and Yahoo are already viewed this way. When individuals read over your content, they already believe you’re an expert in your niche.
    • Blog and Website Support- You’ve probably come across a website or blog that gets their ideas from news articles. In fact, a lot of them will give a short summary and then offer their viewers a one-way link to your site. This means that others are advertising for you without any extra costs.
    • Higher Rankings- When a business is utilizing article marketing as one of their advertising platforms, it takes time to help their website ranking. However, when you take advantage of news articles that NAA creates they already rank higher, which means more visibility.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of website owners that don’t know the first thing about writing news articles. NAA understands you have several other areas of your business to consider, so it’s possible that there isn’t any extra time to write these on your own.

    NAA has writers on hand who specialize in writing new articles for websites or blogs just like yours. It doesn’t matter if it revolves around sports, American Idol, Top Chef, the Japan crisis, solar energy, making money online, divorce, diseases and disorders, or anything else.

    Okay, if you’re not sitting on the edge of your seat yet, take this into consideration. Google News has a PageRank of 9. There are thousands of websites and blogs out there that are considered “syndicates” of Google News. When NAA writes news articles for you, they could basically become viral!

    Yep, we said viral. Today you might outsource a couple news articles to NAA in hopes of a few visitors, and tomorrow you might be overwhelmed with a vast amount of traffic. Oddly enough, this is still one of the most overlooked article marketing methods out there.

    If you want to try a few on your own, here are a few tips to help you learn how to write news articles:

    • Focus on the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why- Your title and first paragraph are just like a first impression. You only get one, so make the most of it. Try to get as much of the who, what, when, where, how, and why within the first two paragraphs.
    • The “Most” to “Least” Importance- When you’re providing your viewers with all the details in your news articles it’s important to give them the most important information first. Even though you will be decreasing “importance” from there, you should do this gradually. Otherwise, the reader will be turned off by the material.
    • Don’t be Opinionated- When it comes to news articles, you never offer your opinion. This shows bias and it can be detrimental to how the readers view you. Keep an unbiased approach and it will definitely be more successful.
    • The Ultimate Ending- There is a huge difference in the ending of a news article as opposed to content for article marketing. When it comes to news there doesn’t need to be any sort of conclusion. The approach is very similar to movies that leave you hanging at the end. They want you to draw your own conclusions, which is the same thing news articles should do.

    NAA has writers standing by to deliver quality content for your news articles and allow you to work on other areas of your online business.

  • Google Has Spoken-Content is King.. Again

    By: [google_authorship]

    Google recently unrolled some amazing new algorithms that bring us full circle. The Google algorithm that we’re talking about of course, is the huge hit that sites such as Ezine Articles took when Google decided that sites which house vast storehouses of articles, which are merely copies of the original and don’t really bring any inherent value to the internet, are lower in worth than sites which house original, creative content, thoughtful commentary and outstanding worth.

    These things such as research, reports, original writing and worthwhile, thoughtful articles are going to be seen more fully and rank more highly for the keywords that they present.

    We say, it is about time. Content is once again king and long live the king. Herein, excerpted from the articles which is located at the MARK FLAVIN BLOG are the very words used by the Google staffers and the explanation they gave for the hard hit that Ezine articles and may others took this past week. Here, in Googles own words…

    “In the last day or so we launched a pretty big algorithmic improvement to our ranking—a change that noticeably impacts 11.8% of our queries—and we wanted to let people know what’s going on. This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites—sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.”

    So the results are in and Google thinks it’s time that we get back to content that will educate, inform, entertain, delight and offer enlightenment to the masses. Maybe there is hope for the internet after all.

    If you were in a cave or on duty in another country, here is the original article so that you can check out what it means to Ezine and other article directory sites.


  • Content Writing and Article Marketing-Seasonal Trends

    By: [google_authorship]

    While we all hear a great deal about marketing what’s and how’s, we don’t hear a great deal about the when’s of the entire website marketing and website content that we’re using.

    Hi! I’m Macbeth, a writer for Need an Article. Marketing is a hobby, as well as SEO. I’ve worked in the field for more than ten years.

    Here’s what I’ve learned from that time–

    Despite all that we read and hear, marketing is so much more than just good content and good website SEO. It’s timing—and your timing is crucial to the success of your campaigns.

    Consider your own thought processes. During May, you’re not overly concerned with holiday shopping for Christmas but as soon as the kids go back to school and the weather begins to cool off, those first bites of frost and the scent of the falling leaves touch you, you begin to think about the upcoming Christmas season and with it, the items that you will want to purchase.
    So does the average shopper. When you begin to think of those seasonal trends in marketing, your website readers are also thinking about them.

    July sees us all a little concerned with outdoor activities such as grilling, while fall brings thoughts of winterizing our homes. February means we’re tired of the wintertime so we begin to consider our gardening plans and to work on looking for new seeds and bulbs, new ways to grow for the year.

    Your website needs to take advantage of those very human trends in marketing. To accomplish that, really watch the next time that your articles go up on your website.

    Did you know that when they do get put up on your website, they will go upward in rank in the search engines, slowly go downward and finally choose a place to settle. All of that movement takes a bit of time. Generally about 5 days to 2 weeks to get where they are going to be and for you to evaluate how well they are going to do for you.

    If you’re waiting til a week before the Christmas season, or the Thanksgiving season, chances are that the folks who put their articles up in mid October are seeing the traffic and the new customers who could have been yours.

    Don’t wait until you see others dropping in Christmas or Halloween items, get your own written two weeks earlier. When you don’t see a single one–that’s when you want to begin having yours written and to slowly drip them onto your website.

    Ordering your articles and putting them into the website about three weeks before a seasonal trend will begin is your best bet for having an edge on your website competition. The articles that go up and have time to settle into place before the holiday, or whatever you are targeting, are the ones that have time  to start to rank before your competition and to give you a great new traffic pull onto your website- and great new sales..

    How many of us see that, a few weeks ahead of time and say.. hm.. I really think like that that.. Don’t follow the crowd when it comes to getting your articles up, be a trend setter. Pay attention to what you’re thinking about and what others are talking about and then generate items based on that.

    Common sense is one of the very best marketing tools you will ever use.

  • Crafting The Kind Of Content You Want At Great Prices!

    Dear potential client,

    We don’t just say it to say it! Need An Article is one of the best writing services online! Why?

    It’s simple! Because we care about one thing… top-notch client fulfillment and above all, good old-fashioned service!

    When it comes to your content, you want fast and easy solutions that are cost-effective. NAA has just one goal. To give you exactly what you want, when you need it. So whether you need just one or several articles, it’s as simple as logging in and using our easy-to-use interface and making a request!

    We Don’t Take Short Cuts When It Comes To Creating Your Content. Continue Reading…