Blog Networks Being Rapidly Deindexed Has the SEO World Up in Arms

Provided by: [google_authorship]

The SEM companies around the country are getting notified by Google Webmaster warnings recently that they are out of the loop so to speak and that they need to watch out for artificial links that are being used to manipulate their page rank. It started about a month ago, in February and as more and more sites and companies are receiving notices, the alarm is spreading exponentially.

Very large blog networks such as BuildMyRank have been hit the hardest. In fact, Build my Rank is actually closing their doors. Google seems to be saying that they are seeking out every blog network and they are going to find those who are responsible for the backlink profiles that appear unnatural to them and deindex the sites involved in them.

Buying links has always been against the TOS and it’s always been a bad way to go about doing business with Google. When you seek out a new way to scam the system, it works… for a while. In fact that’s what we’re seeing now. Google is taking a hard look at blog networks which are offering links to many sites around the country and leaving a big footprint. Advertising what you’re doing online, particularly on Google, doesn’t seem the best way to do business when business is actually doing something against the TOS of the search engine that primarily promotes your business, but people do it all the time.

This time, it’s catching up to them. Google, of course is not spilling the beans on how they found the offending companies who are selling links and they aren’t offering any way in which you can rank better in search. In fact, they are, if anything making it more difficult for the people who are, effectively, paying their salary, to create links at all.

Matt Cutts, one of the Google powers that be, has shared a lot of link building tips over the years, but now, just a short while later, Google is saying that links need to be completely natural and that you can’t build them at all.

For those who have the links from the blog sites and blog networks, the companies in question have given them the option to shut those links down and that seems to be the best option that they currently have to prevent an all out deindexing of their sites.

The answer to links to your site seems to lie in creatively making people want to link to you. Create some kind of controversy, open a new discussion, ask a question or offer an answer. This would seem to be the best method of inbound linking to use and the one least likely to get your site deindexed. Buying links is never the right answer, but what is the right answer remains to be seen.