UPDATE: The following Webinar is over and was a success, thanks to all who attended – we hope you gained valuable information. Now it’s time to put that info into action. Below, you will find a 13 min clip from the webinar. To gain full access, along with access to Article writing services, Social Media Services, and a whole lot more, become a valued member.

Have your traffic and your rankings taken a hit?

From novice to experienced marketers, many people were hit by the Penguin update. If your site was hit and even if it wasn’t, there is always something to learn about the new algorithm and how it may affect you, as well as upcoming changes that are in the wind.

Join us for a webinar and round-table discussion on Tuesday May 29th, at 7 PM EST
This Webinar is over.

Hosted by Need an Article’s Scott Foster.

Get some projections and some sound advice from Jeff Ryder of Over the Top Internet Marketing, great blogging and link building ideas as well as recovery strategies from Robbi Drake of No Gravity SEO and Consulting, along with added input and commentary from other SEO providers .

Listen in as our panel offers advice and discusses Google’s recent algorithm updates–what they are and what they did–as well as the importance of Social Media signals, the aftermath of Penguin and how to rebuild your position in SERPs–along with what every site owner and webmaster should be taking away from the Google changes.

There will be a 15-30 minute question and answer period after the presentation.

If you have SEO or marketing questions, here is your chance to get answers from  SEO providers with many years of experience following Google and other search engines.

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