Better Early than Late- Buying Website Content Before You Need It.

scrabble-2129648__340You hire a website content writer, order content, post it and then are disappointed in the results. You feel certain the content is good or you wouldn’t have posted it. What could have gone wrong?

Other factors besides the quality of the content need to be looked at. One of the first questions you need to ask is when do you post your content online to draw people to your site? A mistake many make is posting time sensitive content they are depending on for their business without allowing sufficient time for it to rank in the search engines.

Is this a mistake you make? If so, you are far from alone. People tend think of the internet as being nearly as fast as a microwave oven. Unfortunately, that is only true to some degree. It can be fast to find things you may be looking for but when you want to be found, it isn’t as fast.

To illustrate this, let’s use Black Friday as a example. People looking for Black Friday bargains online may start looking a few days to a week before. They will find what they are looking for. They may also never know about some great buys because the business that has them did not get the information about their Black Friday offers posted until about the time people needed to be able to find them.

Think about it. When did you start seeing content about what businesses offered in special Black Friday sale prices? Early November, maybe even late October? It might seem a bit early as that huge sale is still a few weeks away. The truth is that it is the right time to start getting the word out.

Seasonal products such as Halloween costumes, Christmas decorations, summer and winter items are advertised online well ahead of the holiday or season the products are for. It isn’t just online, either. Brick and mortar stores are stocked for each season or holiday long before hand. Next time you are in a department store or a grocery store, check the area they have their seasonal products displayed. If you see Halloween costumes and decorations just being stocked on shelves, it is probably early September.

Something else you need to take into account is allowing ample time for people to order, items to ship, customer examine the item, return for exchange if necessary and have the item they want at a good price in plenty of time before it is needed. All this means getting your article writing done and posting it well ahead of time is essential.

Are you concerned about starting too early? Don’t be. When it comes to getting your offers visible online, there is no such thing as too early. Too late to do much good is a different story though. It is far better to be early than late. The best course to follow? Start early, hire at least one good website content writer and feed a constant and increasing drip of content online for the search engines to rank.

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