The Benefits of Blogging – Top 5 Reasons Your Website Needs an Active Blog

Are you trying to increase the visibility of your website?

If so, you should consider creating a blog for your site.

Do you already have a blog?

If so, it’s a good idea to start making the effort to maintain that blog.

The benefits of blogging are numerous and make it well worth the effort on your part. If your website doesn’t have a blog or you’ve allowed your blog to fall by the wayside, here are just a few important reasons that your website needs to have an active blog.

Reason #1 – Build Inbound Links Quickly

One of the most powerful benefits of blogging is that it allows you to build inbound links quickly. To get this result, your blog must feature content that people want to read and share with others.

The links that you’ll gain with your blog are deep links that don’t just point to your websites homepage. As people link to your blog posts, you’ll distribute your “link juice” more evenly, helping you to get more of your website indexed by search engines.

Reason #2 – Start Building Relationships

Blog posts offer you a great way to start building relationships. You may have some of the demographic information on the people visiting your site and buying your services or products. However, do you really know who they are?

People who read your blogs will probably be your most loyal customers. As you learn more about them, you can use that information to find more customers.

Having a blog for your website also allows you to create a dialogue with the customers. This allows you to keep communication flowing between you and your customers. Build good relationships and you’ll build customer loyalty as well, which means more profit for you.

Reason #3 – Generate Leads

Another reason your website needs an active website is to generate leads. This is one of the big benefits of blogging.

Studies show that those who create at least 20 blog posts each month see up to four times more leads than companies that do not have a blog.

When people visit your blog, they want to find answers. Providing them with answers will put your website in their mind when they are ready to buy.

Reason #4 – Boost Search Engine Rankings with Fresh Content

Blogs offer you the perfect way to boost search engine rankings. Search engine spiders feed on fresh content. Many websites are static and rarely need to change content.

Having blog that is updated on a regular basis will provide search engines with content that is fresh and keyword-rich. This leads to higher rankings as well as big increases in website traffic.

Reason #5 – Build Credibility and Reputation

Last, you need a blog because it helps you to build credibility and a good reputation online. Your blog allows you to offer information to potential customers without having to hard sell. This boosts your credibility with them.

Visitors may bookmark your site so they can come back for good information. When they’re ready to make a decision, chances are that they’ll remember you.

Now that you understand the benefits of blogging, get out there and start up a good blog on your website. Starting up a blog isn’t difficult at all.

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