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  • Facebook Engagement 1 – Exciting Strategies to Help You Increase Fan Engagement

    Many businesses are learning the most effective tactics for engaging their Facebook fans. Regular activity on your Facebook business page won’t pay off without continually keeping fans interested and involved.

    Once you increase fan activity, you’ll increase traffic to your business website, with the corresponding increase in page visibility and marketing opportunities. If you’re not sure how to begin, here are some tactics to start using.

    Strategy #1 – Focus on Fans with Updates

    Every update on your FB page needs to focus on getting people as new fans and involving them in conversations and other activities on the page. Many business pages make the mistake of repeatedly posting the same updates, this will not give you the results you want. Repetitive posting becomes extremely annoying to fans and soon your fans are ignoring your posts altogether.

    Pay attention to EdgeRank when posting updates. What is EdgeRank? This is an algorithm used by Facebook to decide the importance of an update. A post or update that receives lots of comments has a higher EdgeRank which then puts that post higher in the Facebook news feeds, and gets it seen by more people.

    Work to tailor your posts and updates so fans get commenting. Do this by asking for advice, asking questions, getting opinions or perhaps, asking for their stories. Since comments are likely to get your posts shown in better positions on news feeds, you’ll also increase the likelihood of other fans interacting on your page.

    Strategy #2 – Make Everything Shareable

    Facebook is all about sharing and to successfully increase fan engagement make all your posted content shareable. Include a share button with your content, thereby encouraging fans to re-post that content. Having a facility to share content will encourage people to share it with their friends, and give your page more exposure. If your content isn’t shareable, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

    Strategy #3 – Quality Over Quantity

    Increasing engagement is all about creating content that revolves around your fans and posting to your business page regularly is important. However, studies show that quality wins over quantity every time. Posting a couple of times a day will help increase “like” and “comment” rates, but posting too much will lower the rate of fan interaction. Fans don’t like being bombarded with content – it feels like spam. Go with one or two quality posts each day and fans are more likely to engage with your page.

    Be sure to check back soon for more strategies and tactics that will help increase boost your Facebook marketing results.

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  • Facebook Marketing – Maximize Facebook Results with More Helpful SEO Tips (Part 2)

    Previously, we discussed the importance of SEO when running a Facebook marketing campaign. Implementing SEO tactics and strategies will help get better results with the top search engines while helping you rank well within Facebook’s own search engine.

    We already mentioned helpful tips like choosing the right page name and optimizing your “About” text box.

    To continue SEO success, here are several more tips to improve your marketing results.

    Tip #3 – Optimize the Info Tab

    When you create your business page, Facebook will create an “Info” tab that includes descriptive page metadata. Filling in all the fields under this tab is important, since this offers you the opportunity to include important links, keywords, etc. Fill in location data, including zip code, state and city as these can give you a boost in local searches. Include information on your products, company mission and overview for better results in product searches. Include direct links to your business website as well.

    Tip #4 – Add Photos and Videos with Keyword-Dense Descriptions

    Adding multimedia videos and photos is an excellent way to engage your followers. An SEO tip to remember is use keyword-dense descriptions and titles for your photos and videos. When you share this type of content, use all the available descriptive fields, and add important keywords to descriptions and file names.

    Tip #5 – Contribute Regularly

    Contributing on a regular basis is essential and is an important part of good SEO in general. Many of the search results displayed, especially on Facebook searches, are comprised of content from the last 30 days. Posting regularly is essential if you want to rank well in these results.

    Tip #6 – Go Beyond Wall Posts

    Go beyond simply adding optimized wall posts on your page. Adding keyword-optimized links, notes, updates and other content can boost your rankings. Using important keywords across the various types of content will make it easier for people to find you when searching for those keywords. Don’t get stuck using just one type of content. Keep in mind, users can search for links, notes, wall posts and updates or all post types when looking for specific Facebook content.

    Tip #7 – Keep Content on-Topic

    Lastly, keep content on-topic when working on your Facebook marketing. Whenever you add content, make sure it’s relevant to your niche. This improves the overall keyword density on your page, and helps get better rankings. It’s more difficult to achieve good rankings when you regularly go off-topic and post content that isn’t related to your business niche.

    Good SEO is vital for boosting Facebook marketing success. Viral distribution may limit you to the fans on your page. However, making good use of these SEO tactics can help improve the exposure of your business page to the entire Facebook user base.

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  • Facebook Marketing – Maximize Facebook Results with These Helpful SEO Tips

    Maximize Facebook Results

    Social media has a big effect on organic search results, which is why search engine optimization (SEO) is important to your Facebook marketing campaign, and any other social media campaign you may have in place.

    Google and other search engines continue to experiment by bringing more social elements into their search results, thereby increasing the need for good SEO as a part of your social media marketing plan. Although it’s important to think of your community first when running a social media campaign, you also need to be aware of the best SEO practices.

    Why Facebook SEO is So Important

    Before looking at our SEO tips, we need to understand why SEO is so important to a successful Facebook marketing campaign. Although SEO can help get you results on mainstream search engines, using the new internal search features can be critical to your success within Facebook.

    This search feature allows Facebook users to find content and pages posted during the last 30 days. Included in the searches are links, photos, updates, notes, videos and other shared content. Since Facebook has more than 100 million members logging in each day, marketers cannot afford to overlook this search facility when marketing on Facebook.

    Search engines rarely index actual FB activity, so the internal search results should be carefully considered. Not only does the search option allow users to find friends’ posts and other activities, but they can also find content that is available to everyone. Commercial posts show up within these searches when optimized correctly – this offers you a huge opportunity.

    Top SEO Tips

    Once you understand how important SEO is to your marketing campaign, you need to start implementing it. Here are some tips that could prove helpful.

    Tip #1 – Choose a Good Page Name

    The name for your Facebook business page needs balance. While you don’t want to stuff it full of keywords thereby making it appear spammy, you also don’t want to choose a name that is overly generic. It’s a good idea to use your company name for your page. The name chosen should authentically represent your business.

    After you have gained a certain number of fans, Facebook allows you to choose your own vanity URL, referred to as a “username”. Once again use your business name instead of stuffing the URL with generic keywords. Get the name of your business out there, you’ll have other opportunities to optimize with keywords.

    Tip #2 – Optimize the “About” Text Box

    Even if you have already entered text in the “About” box, you can edit it, and include keywords. The “About” box offers one of the few places where you can put a large chunk of text on your default wall tab, so it’s importance to make the most of this. You have 250 characters, so compose your text carefully, be informative and use important keywords here.

    Check back soon for more SEO tips and strategies to improve the success of your Facebook marketing campaign.

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  • Facebook Marketing – Secrets to Increasing The Number of Facebook Fans Part 2

    In the previous Facebook marketing post, we talked about ways you can increase your Facebook fans. While you may have already used some of these tips, we have more great tips to help you gain more fans for your Facebook business page.

    Secret #4 – Invite Current Email Subscribers

    Consider inviting your current email subscribers to your Facebook business page if you already have an opt-in list. Use creative text such as “Join our Facebook page” or “Write on our wall” to encourage these subscribers to become new fans. Don’t be timid, you can invite subscribers several times, in fact, offer them an incentive to become fans.

    Secret #5 – Include a Link in Your Email Signature

    More than likely you send quite a few emails daily. Use those emails to help you build your Facebook fans. You can add a link to your Facebook business page in the signature block at the end of your email. Set this up once and every email you send will offer this information.

    Secret #6 – Hold a Contest

    Contests are one of the most effective ways to increase the number of fans you have on Facebook. People are happy to “like” your page when they get entered into a competition, contest, free draw or sweepstake. Facebook apps are available to make it easy to hold a contest. Just make sure you’re aware of all Facebook guidelines concerning contests before going ahead with one.

    Secret #7 – Create Targeted and Interesting Content

    Creating targeted, interesting content regularly is among the best ways to bring in new Facebook fans. Not only can it help build your fan base, but it will also improve your Facebook marketing results. Quality content is critical to keep readers interested and liking your page.

    When fans like something you posted, it becomes visible to all their friends, giving you greater exposure and increasing the chances of others seeing your posts and deciding to become fans. Current fans may also share your posts on their own walls or the wall of a friend, which could bring in additional fans.

    Using these secrets will help you increase the number of fans you have on FB. Of course, with a bit of research and a little effort, you can find other methods to bring even more fans to your business page. As you build a bigger fan base, your Facebook marketing campaign will reach more people and provide even better results.

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  • Facebook Marketing – Secrets to Increasing The Number of Fans Part 1

    How To Increase Facebook Fans

    Once you have launched your Facebook marketing campaign and created a business page, it’s time to work on increasing the number of fans on your page.

    Fans won’t magically appear. It takes a bit of work to get Facebook users to “like” your page but increasing the number of fans helps you reach a larger audience with your marketing efforts.

    Use these secrets to improve your exposure and gain new fans.

    Secret #1 – Add the Facebook Fan Box to Your Website

    Adding the Facebook plugin – Fan Box – to your business website is one of the most useful things you can do to increase your fan numbers.

    The plug-in includes code that can be copied and inserted onto your website or even into your blog. It enables visitors to the website or blog to easily “like” your page on Facebook. It takes just minutes to get and insert the code.

    Secret #2 – Consider Using Paid Facebook Ads

    Another way to increase fan numbers on Facebook is to use paid ads. These ads target users who are likely to become fans. Use Facebook’s Advertising Wizard to quickly create and put up an ad.

    While you’re logged in take a bit of time to check the high profile ads on Facebook. Check out the number of fans each advertiser has and you’ll get an idea of how effective those ads can be. Focus on creating a paid ad that will attract your target audience.

    Secret #3 – Connect to Other Social Networking Sites

    While Facebook marketing has a lot to offer, it’s important to include other social networking sites as a part of your marketing plan. If you’re working on other social media sites, connect them to FB to increase your fan numbers. This enables you to convert followers on other sites to fans on Facebook.

    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites can easily be connected. It’s possible to post on Facebook and have those posts go out on Twitter. If you’re working on your Pinterest marketing campaign, connecting accounts enables you to post Pinterest activity to your Facebook account as well.

    These FB marketing tips will help grow your fan base and we’ll have more tips in Part 2 of Increasing The Number of Facebook Fans, so check back for this useful information.

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  • Facebook Marketing – Setting Up A Facebook Business Page

    Since people spend a huge amount of time on Facebook, businesses should take advantage of the marketing opportunities Facebook offers. To get your Facebook marketing campaign started, you need to set up a business page.

    Having your own business page will increase your visibility, and once set up you can use the various marketing options to make that business page work for you.

    If you don’t know where to begin, use the following step by step instructions to get started.

    Create the Page

    Visit to begin creating a Facebook business page. The following are among the page options:

    –          Local Business or Place

    –          Artist, Band or Public Figure

    –          Company, Organization or Institution

    –          Entertainment

    –          Brand or Product

    –          Cause or Community

    Choose the category that is the best match for your business. Once you’ve answered the questions, you’ll be sent to a page template where you can customize your page further. Add a profile picture, set up other administrators, etc. , etc.

    Use the Info Tab

    Once you’ve completed the basics, use the info tab, which is like an “About Page.” It enables you to enter details about your business, who you are and the products/services you offer. Once you’ve filled in the info tab, set it as the default page until you get going with your marketing campaign. That way when people visit your Facebook business page, they can quickly find out who you are and what you offer.

    Check Privacy Settings

    After creating the page, check the privacy settings. These settings enable you to decide on the information you want to share and with whom you want to share it. Since your goal is marketing, make as much information public as you can so information is picked up by the search engines.

    Adding Tabs and Using Apps

    While setting up your page, customize it with additional tabs or by using available apps. For example, create a tab and add your Twitter feed to your Facebook page or create one that enables you to import posts from your company’s blog.

    In the applications directory, you can find a variety of apps to help with the customization of your page. Using apps enables you to offer coupons, create pools, add content and even add videos.

    Tell Your Friends About Your Page

    When your page is ready, ask friends to “like” it. Getting people to “like” your page and become fans is an important part of your Facebook marketing strategy. After 25 fans like your page, you can set up a vanity URL. As people like your page, ask them to share the page with their friends, thereby increasing fan numbers, and increasing the reach and visibility of your new Facebook business page.

    A business page is an essential building block in Facebook marketing. Use these steps to create your FB business page. Check back soon for more information on using Facebook to market your business.

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  • Facebook Marketing – Reasons to Use Facebook Cautiously

    Using Facebook

    Even though Facebook started as a simple dorm-room experiment, it has quickly grown into one of the top social networking sites and one of the best options for social media marketing. Although social media is important in any marketing campaign, it’s also very important to investigate Facebook further before jumping headfirst into a marketing campaign.

    Previously, we discussed some of the top benefits Facebook has to offer marketers, however, there are some reasons to proceed with caution. The following are some reasons why you should go cautiously when considering using Facebook as a part of your marketing strategy.

    Reason #1 – Facebook Can Disable Accounts

    Caution is recommended because Facebook has the power to disable accounts. In fact, your account could be disabled with no warning nor explanation if they feel page activity is “suspicious” or complaints are received about you. While you can request that your account be re-established, you may never get it back and they are not obliged to give you any reasons.

    Reason #2 – Features Change Regularly

    Facebook often changes the rules and these changes could seriously impact how you can use the website and how it benefits (or not) your company. When the layout, setup or other features change, you will simply have to deal the changes. This requires quite a bit of adaptability since you’ll have to learn how to use their new features as quickly as Facebook throws them at you, whether you like them or not.

    Reason #3 – No Protection for Your Content

    When you put content on Facebook, there is no protection for it. If you lose your account that content is gone.

    If there is a problem or glitch on Facebook that results in the loss of your content, there is no way to retrieve it, which means you stand to lose all the time, effort and money you’ve put into your marketing campaign. Consequently, it is critical that you back-up your content regularly and avoid building your entire social media campaign around Facebook alone.

    Reason #4 – Continuous Changes to the Fine Print

    If you’ve had any interaction with Facebook so far, you may have noticed that there are continuous changes to their “fine print”. They can change their code of conduct, their policies, their terms of service and privacy statements whenever they want to. While you may think your rights and privacy are X when you start your campaign, those rights can arbitrarily change.

    Facebook marketing has lots to offer, but approach this particular social media marketing opportunity with caution. As you think about creating your marketing campaign with Facebook, do so with these potential pitfalls in mind. And, it’s vital to diversify your marketing investment across other social networking sites.

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  • Facebook Marketing – Top Benefits

    Facebook Marketing Benefits

    Invented by Mark Zuckerberg in 2003 and formally launched in 2004, Facebook has grown at incredible speed. Millions of people use Facebook regularly, making it the prime social media website for marketers.

    Facebook marketing is simply using this website to market a brand, company, service or product. Although it sounds simple, success with this form of marketing requires more than a fan page and a few friends. When used effectively, Facebook marketing can provide a business with exciting benefits and results.

    The following are a few benefits that companies can enjoy when marketing on Facebook:

    Benefit #1 – Generate Brand Awareness

    Facebook marketing can enable businesses to greatly improve their brand awareness. Once a business establishes a presence on Facebook, they can then work on increasing awareness among their target audience. This is done by creating a business page, using paid ads and/or using FB groups. Building a brand requires that you to get your brand out in front of people. With 600 million+ members and growing, Facebook offers you an incredible opportunity.

    Benefit #2 – Free Exposure

    Exposure is another of the top benefits of Facebook marketing. Every time someone new likes your page, re-posts something from your page or recommends your business to their friends, FB creates enlarges your exposure. In some cases, a post can spread way beyond one’s expectation – this is often referred to as ‘going viral’.

    Benefit #3 – Networking

    Since it was originally built to help people create networks, Facebook marketing offers businesses considerable opportunities for this. As you network and connect with others, you’ll increase visibility among your target market. You might search for other businesses or individuals that are involved in the same industry, and become a fan of their profile or page, thereby opening all sorts of additional opportunities.

    Benefit #4 – Interaction with Customers

    Interacting with customers can become a significant benefit to your business as you find out what they like and don’t like. It enables you to build relationships with your target audience, answering questions, giving explanations, rectifying problems, in essence showing the human side of the business.

    There are several methods that can be used for customer interaction, such as creating events and promotions, running contests and competitions, offering discounts, free eBooks and downloads, etc. Asking customers for ideas, opinions and constructive criticism could help improve your services/products and future interaction with customers. If done correctly, it could also help solve a massive PR problem such as a product recall.

    Benefit #5 – Increasing Website Traffic

    Increasing website traffic is another significant benefit. Driving traffic to your website is vital for a business’s success and Facebook enables easy linking of your Facebook pages with your website.

    While you may be working hard to generate better brand awareness, driving targeted customers to your website and improving interaction with customers are essential. Leveraging Facebook marketing will increase website traffic, and as a consequence, undoubtedly increase sales and profit margins.

    Using social media marketing is an essential part of any marketing plan, and while there are many other social media platforms, Facebook is one of the largest offering businesses excellent results.

    Now that you’re aware of the benefits marketing with Facebook can offer, check back soon for other tutorials on using this type of marketing.

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  • Pinterest Marketing – More Tips on Etiquette

    In the last Pinterest marketing post, we discussed some important Pinterest etiquette tips for marketers. Proper etiquette is as important as your marketing strategies. Fail to follow the accepted etiquette rules and you’ll quickly alienate followers, perhaps sabotaging your marketing campaign.

    Follow these tips to avoid social blunders when using Pinterest.

    Tip # 5 – Limit Self Promotion

    Although you are using Pinterest as a promotional marketing tool, it’s important to limit overt self promotion, keep it to 30-40% of your pins. Some of your pins should definitely promote your products, services or website, however be sure to pin other things and from other sources as well.

    Keep pinboards interesting, don’t post only those things that talk about you and your company.

    Tip #6 – Never Spam

    Avoid spamming – good etiquette at all times. Whether you’re marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media site, spam is never well accepted.

    If it appears that you are spamming, people will quickly write you off, they may even report you for spamming which could easily sabotage your results on Pinterest.

    Tip #7 – Use High Quality Images and Videos

    Ensuring your images and videos are high quality is another element of proper etiquette and a useful tip to keep in mind. Low quality has no place on Pinterest, since visual marketing is what this site is about.

    Pinning less than high quality videos and images reflects badly on you and your company, so avoid making this mistake.

    Tip #8 – Follow Acquaintances, Family Members and Friends

    Lastly, if possible ensure you follow acquaintances, family members and friends on Pinterest. You’ve probably asked the people you know to follow you, so it’s only right and proper that you follow them as well. When you gain new followers on Pinterest, it pays to follow them in return.

    Returning the favor on following is all part of getting involved in the conversation.

    By using good manners on Pinterest, you’ll avoid making the mistakes that could seriously damage your marketing efforts. You’re probably working hard on the marketing opportunities Pinterest has to offer so don’t blow it. Don’t make the social blunders that can get in the way of the great results you’re working for.

    Keep these tips in mind and start pinning. Be kind, polite and treat others on Pinterest the way you want to be treated.

    Download the complete Pinterest Marketing series!
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  • Pinterest Marketing – Important Tips on Etiquette

    As you work to build a solid Pinterest marketing campaign, you’ll definitely want to avoid making big social blunders on the site. Pinterest lists etiquette tips, but as this social media site continues to expand, new Pinterest etiquette tips are continually emerging.

    Here are a few etiquette tips every Pinterest marketer should follow. Using these tips will ensure you make the most of the marketing opportunities while avoiding blunders that could quickly chase followers away.

    Tip #1 – Credit the Source

    One extremely important tip is to credit your source whenever you pin something that you haven’t created.

    While you’ll be pinning your own content as a part of your Pinterest marketing campaign, you’ll also need to pin content from other sources. The photographer, designer, author, company or other individual should get credit for whatever they have created, be it an image, text, etc.

    You’ll want to get the credit for the things you’ve created and pinned from your website, so do the same for others. Also, if a website blocks visitors from pinning their images or content, respect that.

    Tip #2 – Don’t Pin From Search Engines

    Many people search for something then pin straight from that search engine. For example, an individual may search for “sunsets on the beach” and find a beautiful photo of a beach at sunset. Instead of going to the source website, some people simply pin straight from the search engine.

    When this happens, the person who took the photo never gets the credit. Also, when fellow Pinterest users want to visit the site where the pin came from, they’ll be taken to the search engine, which can be frustrating and shows you up as someone who doesn’t follow the rules.

    Tip #3 – Keep Pinboards Organized

    As you continue to pin, keep your pinboards organized. No one wants to visit a healthy recipes board, only to find pictures of wedding dresses or children’s toys. Give people what they expect by organizing your board contents with titles that accurately describe what’s there.

    Tip #4 – Get Involved in the Conversation

    Make sure that you get involved in the conversation on Pinterest. When people comment on your pins or boards, make sure you respond to those comments and comment on the boards or pins of others. This isn’t only good etiquette for operating on a social media site, but it’s a great way to build a good following as well.

    Implement these tips as you work so you can enjoy the benefits of Pinterest marketing success. These are but a few of the tips you need to remember, so check back soon for more ways in which you can maintain the right etiquette on Pinterest .

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